The Final Shimano Disc Brake Video

by Ben Haworth 6

Shimano teamed up with Anthill Films to produce a series of videos about its 2009 mountain disc brake technologies. Shimano team riders Andrew Shandro, Wade Simmons and Darcy Turenne travelled the globe with the Anthill crew, hitting trails that “put Shimano’s mountain disc brake systems through the ringer and tell a unique story in each video”.

You’ll have to wait until 1m27secs before the riding starts but it’s worth the wait 🙂

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  1. lies! where was darcy! damn you (shakes fist in angry disappointed manner)

  2. Was that about brakes? Hardly noticed.

  3. Remixed Asia track if memory serves me correct?

  4. Putting “Shimano’s mountain disc brake systems through the ringer” ay?

    Yup, that would be a unique story right there: ‘How my brakes put me in A&E without leaving the comfort of my own home.’

  5. i suppose my IS mount is about as flexy as that one appears.

  6. love the dude-speak at the beginning.
    my summer was crap by the way.

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