Issue 54 Bike Test: Commencal Supreme 1 (Premier Content)

by Ben Haworth 4

Every year we like to scare ourselves. Here at Singletrack Magazine we’re more at home with bikes in the “XC/Trail/All-Mountain” bracket (delete as your chosen dictate). Although bikes as burly as these may not be that relevant or desirable for your local trails, they are fascinating and fun things to experience. With the prevalence of Uplift Days in the UK – not to mention the myriad of holiday options to various chairlift-tastic Mountain resorts in Europe – maybe these sort of big boys’ bikes may end on the shopping lists of those riders keen to break out of their bracket.


Commencal Supreme 1
Price: £2,445.99
From: Madison
Weight: 37 lbs
Persona: Jimmy White

For 2009 this bike has undergone quite a few changes from its previous incarnation (which was called the Supreme Mini DH). The Supreme 1 is kind of intended as a Downhill racer’s playbike. A stylish-looking bike with the supple suspension of a Downhill bike but with less travel…

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