Coed Y Brenin Seeks Chef

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Just a quick note so say that CyB is after a mountain biker to cook up and make sure the catering there is suitable for hungry riders.

Want a job at one of the UK’s premier mountain bike centre’s situated in the magnificent Snowdonia National Park? Meet like-minded riders at work and ride the trails in the evenings?

Coed-y-Brenin is looking for a cooking mountain biker who is able to develop an innovative menu for the café at the visitor centre. Experience of commercial cafe or restaurant work is essential. For more information, contact the Forestry Commission Wales Recreation Manager, John Taylor, email

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Comments (19)

    Innovative menu as follows

    Cheesy beans on Toast(Thick cut bread)

    Local meat sandwiches

    Chilli/Curry/Beans etc baked potatoes

    Full English brekkie

    Vat of Soup nothing fancy

    Selection of local homemade cakes from the granny down the road decent slabs

    Coffee and Tea BIG MUGS!!!!!!!

    No Veg options thet need to MTFU or find another pastime 😉

    Its easy!! and @ a resonable fair price we dont ask for much

    About time. The food they serve is beyond terrible.

    I have it on good information (from a chef at a hotel in Snowdonia) you’re not allowed to serve ‘full English breakfasts’ in Wales because it’s ‘racist’.

    They have to be called ‘full Welsh breakfasts’ even if it’s exactly the same.

    Would that chef be a Daily Mail reader too perchance?

    Seeing you will probably be out of a job in a couple of years Postierich, maybe you should apply? I would defiantly come in if you where serving all that.

    Hang on though! Isn’t that the menu from the old cafe before it was “improved” by the FC?

    Would that chef be a Daily Mail reader too perchance?

    And a Moron?

    “Daily Mail reading moron” is a tautology.

    Unfortunately it’s close to the truth though – most places round here serve “Full Welsh” breakfast!

    Definitely agree about the menu – bring back tasty, hearty, good value food. That’s why the cafe half way round the Dragons Back does so well.

    Yes But they also say a “full Scottish” In Scotland it’s hardly because it’s law or Racist is it?

    How about Dafydd and Sian Roberts! They knew what they were doing.

    Ben is tautology a synonym for redundance?

    I can see some improvement fr the café menu though.
    Goat cheese tomato and fresh basil bruscetta
    Penne “legume de provence” summer special
    Freshly baked 4 cheese pizza
    Neetle soup, pumpkin soup, tomato soup all home made.
    Black paella wednesday special
    Stone baked baguette sandwich (ham and butter, avocado and bacon, pepper salad tomato sprign oignon and olive oil)
    Pan bagnat
    Veal and pork lasagne
    Brownie and fres apple pie for dessert with tart tatin as wednesday special

    Now I would be stopping fro food 😀

    its full scottish here because we have haggis and ginger people in ours….

    haggis hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I want to go to Juan’s cafe.

    And tattie scones. And lorne sausage!

    Welsh Breakfast taste so much better than their inferior English relatives…

    Arrrggghhh. DO NOT EMPLOY JUAN!

    I personally think there is nothing to touch the Northern Irish Breakfast or any irish breakfast for that matter

    However one thing a proper welsh breakfast has that you can’t beat is Glamorgan Sausage which more than makes up from not having the Laurne or Cumberland Sausage.

    Dafydd and Sian are off running the Everest Marathon at the moment so may well miss this opportunity but dont fret, they are developing a new venture converting an old village school to a mountain bikers bunk house near Coed y Brenin so you may be able to enjoy one of their breakfasts again shortly.

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