Mo’ Morzine Movies

by Ben Haworth 10

More helmetcam footage from our Reader Holiday in Morzine with Flow MTB.

The accompanying feature appears in Singletrack Magazine Issue 52 – on sale now.

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  1. bit “rough” that video, no background sounds apart from the squealing brake and the camera isn’t very good quality, POV and FOV.

    would have expected a little better 🙁

  2. I’m having trouble getting the files that the VIO camera records in into iMovie without degrading them through my video format converting application :-/

    I figured some video would be better than none but hey ho.

    What does POV and FOV mean?

  3. One assumes Point of View (ie, where you stuck it) and Field of View (ie, whats in frame).

    Personally I like the sound of the ride, rather than some bad music 🙂 As for quality, its not like you are trying to make a DVD, its a web clip and its perfect for that.

    Cheers Mr Banji, a fine 71 second break from my work. 🙂

  4. Maybe less big black stuff…?

    Otherwise… I like bike vids whoever made them.. like Brunk said.

  5. As luck would have it we’ve just had the new X170 camera from Drift arrive today. I’ll be giving it a go later this week. Stay tuned to folks! 🙂

  6. almost exactly the same as my morzine videos. very squealy brakes and very bumpy. the camera doesn’t move in relation to the helmet (full face) but the helmet moves all over the place! need to find a cure for this 🙁

  7. nice work benji –

    the cure for shakey video is a bigger bike. expensive, sure, but smoooooth video will come of it 🙂

  8. Benji,

    Have you tried MPEG Stream Clip for you video capture/conversion?

  9. Please do something with that howling brake!

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