2010 Marzocchi Four Cross & Dirt Jump

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The biggest change is the new ‘upside crown’, this can be best described as an inverted crown. By inverting the crown and removing all sharp edges impact forces are dissipated around the stanchions and steerer safely. Using this design Marzocchi have managed to reduce weight by 15% while increasing strength by 30%.

A new lower casting has been made with a new lattice-reinforced brake arch to improve tracking and a traditional 20mm bolt through axle is used on the 4X & DJ1 models.


Four Cross

The 2010 Marzocchi Four Cross has developed & proven in racing buy world class riders such as Brian Lopes and Cedric Gracia.

The Four Cross uses the top of the range RC3 cartridge that has been developed in the heat of competition. The Italian made, open bath RC3 cartridge gives a wide and usable range of rebound and both high and low speed compression adjustment.  The High and low compression is adjusted from just one dial.


To help keep weight down the Four Cross, Marzocchi use the new open bath air system, keeping pressures low and adjustments simple.

Weighing in at 2340g for an open bath, air sprung fork the Four Cross weighs in at 46g less than the 2009 4X WC while increasing strength by 30%.


Dirt Jump

The Dirt Jump 1 & 2 models utilize the updated Open Bath RV damper that features externally adjustable rebound damping. The Dirt Jump 1 & 2 models feature a coil spring and a low pressure pre-load system.

Weighing in at 2240g for an open bath, coil sprung fork the DJ1 weighs a massive 355g less than the 2009 DJ1 while increasing strength by 30%.

Four Cross £499.95

Dirt Jump 1 £399.95

Dirt Jump 2 (QR only) £259.95

Dirt Jump 3 (QR only) £189.95

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