Riding the Ridge, inches from disaster…

by Chipps 15

You obviously don’t need to get big air for something to look impressive…

Rider: Renè Wildhaber
Camera: Rob J
Editing: Joe Schwartz

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  1. My old local DH trail, I miss that place 🙂 Check out http://www.gravitybolivia.com if you want to go ride it.

  2. enjoyed that. wouldn’t want to fall off into them cactuseseses mind.

  3. Did that 10 years ago while I was working out there. It has really gotten badly eroded and looks alot hairier now!

  4. Pah, looks like Leith Hill on a warm afternoon.

  5. Cycling equivalent of Crib Goch. I’m sure I’d go much more cautiously.

  6. how much are flights to Bolivia? that looks well good

  7. Nice but its less dangerous than riding down to your local tesco’s

  8. That was inspirational. More!

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