Howies Vail Merino Wool T-shirt

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Howies Vail Merino Wool T-shirt
From: Howies
Price. £55.00
Tested: On several planes, trains and automobiles

Some things are obviously good value for money. Some things need a little more contemplation before their value becomes clear. The Howies Vail T is a ‘normal’ T-shirt made from thin merino wool. Merino is well known for being able to absorb moisture without feeling wet, and for shrugging off smells. It also feels comfortable next to the skin, unlike scratchy wool jumpers of old.

Firstly, you can layer it up with more technical clothing (using it as a base layer) but still not look too gimpish in it in the pub afterwards. It makes a great ride top on its own as well. It should last for years (as long as the boil-wash option isn’t chosen) the quality of the garment’s construction can’t be knocked.

Secondly, you can wear it A LOT without stinking. Under the arc lighting of the Eurobike Trade Show, while Chipps smelled sweetly in his Howies Vail, I needed three cotton T-shirts a day to keep vaguely sociable.

Overall: The Vail is a great garment for continual wearing on any multi-day adventure. It comes in a really nice grey marl with blue neckline colour scheme too.

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    Icebreakers (from memory) are about £35? Actually this isnt bad (and Im a confirmed Howies ‘hater’) as you cant wear a Icebreaker ‘out’ after ski-ing or off-bike really.


    Come to think of it- Merino never wrinkles that badly. You been sleeping rough?! ;oD

    They don’t do those designs anymore do they?

    At least now they’re £40 in the sale (still pricey with p+p).

    At least STW seem to be working on a highly effective recycling principle with these reviews 😉

    I’m wearing a “many years old” vail now that’s been through the wars (two tone muted green thing). A few bramble holes, but doing really well, a real keeper, you can wear it anytime, anywhere. I think I wore this top to an interview 3 years ago, and then rode in it the next day. I really wanted one of the heavy branded reddyorange ones like Matt’s there, they should bring that back, and the kermit green one.

    55 quid for a T shirt? Feck that!

    And what’s this fascination with being able to re-wear clothes without washing them? Don’t you Pikeys own washing machines?

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