And you thought you were fast?

by Chipps 22

It’s good to get a pro-eye view of a race course, and even better if you can have all the corners, berms and drops picked out for you by a very casual sounding Greg Minnaar traveling at just short of light-speed (and thanking the marshals in mid-air too).

The next time someone asks what downhill racing is all about, point them at this… And if you’re up at Fort William this weekend for the mountain bike DH World Cup, drop by the Singletrack booth and say ‘Hi’. We’re looking forward to it too.

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  1. Wicked vid, he makes it look so easy.

    Will be up there for the weekend so will pop in.

  2. That was superb.

  3. its very bleak looking not quite what i thought it would look like,cant believe how quick he was going on the last section

  4. flinkin blip!!!

    I obviously already knew that the Pro’s could slaughter me on a wc dh run. But now I know that they could whip my arse and have a conversation on the phone.

    By on the phone I mean that greg would be using a bluetooth headset. Oh god who am I kidding he could probably still beat me while using one hand to send a text.

  5. ah i was goin to say flinkin blip!…that dark woodland looked a savage section

  6. ‘Yeah, Hi, it’s Greg here, I’m a bit busy at the moment, and, wait – thank you marshals! – anyway, could I have a large pepperoni and a Pepsi, and could you deliver it to the bottom of the DH run please? I’ll be there in about four minutes…’

  7. It’s all the ‘hellos’ and ‘thank yous’ and the way he is totally unphased by all the riders planted at the very edge of the course, I’ve seen far lesser riders get far more annoyed someone was encroaching on their space.

    top bloke, top rider.

  8. Outstanding footage and rider.

  9. whoo hoo! Can’t wait for the weekend.

  10. Blimey!

    One of the hardest DH courses, and he sounds like he’s nattering to his Mum!

  11. Amazing stuff. Soooo smooth!
    One of the best helmet-cam vids I’ve seen.

  12. I’d love a go at this, at about one third speed.

  13. I remember walking down this course in April last year with Mrs Udder. It tool us an hour and a half on foot. It’s absolutely *huge* in terms of the stuff you have to clear down it. Gobsmacking video. There’s one of Matti Leikonnen from last year kicking around on the site, too – he’s giving it a fair amount of beans in that one, and not doing too much talking.

  14. He’ll knock a minute of that easy time. Easy time!!! Crazy.

  15. Glupton would do ‘im no probs.

  16. Awe inspiring, that is all.

  17. riiiiight…the video kept freezing and despite that it was still all over faster than i could ever do it 😮

  18. That’s a 5:20 run and he makes it look so easy and smooth. I’m sure Peter Pllock lives in the start tent, he was there for the SDA, what a star.

  19. Who said Men can’t multi task! Greg is also known for his mid race shoulder surgery (purposely hitting a tree to pop his shoulder back into its socket).

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