Sram XX forks

by Dave Anderson 18

Here’s a taster of the new XX forks, more tech information later..

Reba XX
Reba XX
Revelation XX
Revelation XX

Here’s the XX Sid world cups with reworked lowers, steerer and crown.

All forks feature the new X loc lockout lever.

X loc lever in fork on position.


and in fork off postion i.e. locked out.

at the fork end the banjo is free to swivel so you  get clean lines with cable routing. The whole system uses hydraulic fluid so shaves off 60 grams over the existing poploc

Give me a few minutes and I’ll wander over to the tech truck to get more pictures.

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  1. So, XX is the new X0 daddy super duper expensive best ever stuff?

  2. It’s certain to be expensive, that much we can rely on!

  3. Can you not adjust the floodgate externally any more?

  4. yep, at the lever.

  5. Is the lockout button action nice and smooth (ooh, err)? Not hugely keen on the graphics, but RS are nice and provide lots of different colours.

  6. Very smooth, little effort needed to turn on and off, ergonomic.

  7. That lockout looks like it’s going to get tw*tted in the first crash to me.. be interested to see if that’s the case.

  8. It survived my crash yesterday, ahem.

  9. Looks nice, but I’ve never that bothered about locking forks out. Hey ho.

  10. *drooling over the SID’s…*

  11. All this new kit, I bet you’d have to be bloody good to notice differences or ride on or near the limit alot. I bet if you stepped off the upgrade train for a few years you could easily step back on and kit will be very similar still. Theres only soo many engineering shims…..manufacturing tolerance improvements that can go into a bike product…. then again Mazz are polishing up old kit for next year…

  12. I bet if you hadn’t rode a mountain bike for 10 years Hora you wouldn’t believe how good A mid price Mountain bike is – and that’s because of the trickle down from very very high end products £700.00 hardtails with decent stoppers and gears are because a disc brake 10-11 years ago cost nearly £500.00 including hub. So stop bitching. ;]

  13. You don’t have to be “bloody good” at all, riding up hill in the big ring then panic changing down is where you really notice the speed and ease of the front shift.

    It’s great when you planned to climb like that too.

  14. If you had a 2010 Monarch out back, can you run the same lockout mechanism as on the SID WC XX?

  15. Thats me told then! Leaps and bounds originally, not so much going forward..

  16. does spending loads of money on kit make you ride better or just feel good.
    its very easy to get caught up in the next best thing scenario.ive deore on one bike and xt on the other i really cant tell the difference except one is lighter than the other.
    are £700 fox forks really that much better than £300 forks and can the average joe really tell the diference.
    just enjoy your riding dont spend more time changing bits and thinking how this years model must be better than last years.the fun is in the riding.

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