That Sram XX cassette in close up

by Dave Anderson 25

In answer to the discussions taking place over the mud clearing capacity of ten speed here’s a couple of close ups of the cassette.


Front view of the Sram XX cassette
Front view of the SRAM XX cassette


Sram XX cassette rear view
SRAM XX cassette rear view
Complete XX Cassette
Complete XX Cassette with all ten sprockets

and here’s one with the full 10 cogs, yay for the Tech truck.

As you can see there’s plenty of opportunity for crud to clear, they’re comparing the action to a German salad spinner. Unfortunately Tuscany has the wrong sort of mud (there was a metre of it on today’s ride) to test out how well it works.

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  1. Obviously the metre of mud was length not depth 😉

  2. Integrated lock ring/11t sprocket?

  3. Can you ask then how they’ll work with alloy freehubs with spline teeth only at the top and bottom sprockets (built like the road powerdome by the looks of it?)

  4. I’ll have to check the lockring, I had to prise it out of an Italian’s hands to photo it

  5. Dave, were is the 10th ring (as pionted out by twohats, that one is only 9)

  6. 10 speed why do we need that spread of gears well we don`t but in marketing and hype that will sell more new shifters to suit that extra

  7. I think clubber could have a point. This may well be a nightmare with say a Hope Pro II hub which will stick well to most cassettes.

  8. looks like a big difference between the size of the 9 and 10 sprocket thing.

  9. I’m sat next to Gary from Sram at the moment, in real world testing there’s been no issues with freehub body damage.

    I’m guessing it’s similar to the difference between running a DX and a Surly sprocket on a singlespeed where there’s enough material to spread the load.

  10. The 10th ring look like somethin out of a buzz saw.

  11. 10 speed why do we need that spread of gears

    So we can have just two rings up front and still get a decent range of gears. 2×10 ja?

  12. Do we need to start a STW counting club? It is 10 speed in the last photo when complete with lockring/small ring.

  13. To be fair Frank I added that picture later.

  14. That cassette is a work of art!

  15. so, how much are we looking at?

  16. if it was only 9 spd the you could possibly use your xo mech and shifter – and that would never do!
    so if you had a tripple up front then that would be 30gears.. whaaay roll on 11 speed.


    prices in the new story, you may want to sit down before reading.

    Expat, why would you want thirty gears?

  18. So will we be seeing XX specific hubs that are just splined at either end of the freehub? (those splines add sooooo much weight)

    And will people stop bitching about 10 speed, no you don’t *need* 10 speed cassettes (plenty of SSers will agree with you there) but 2×10 sounds a reasonable alternative to 3×9 if it’s lighter and works just as well (aslong as 9spd spares are available for a good while). I wonder how many of the 10spd dissers have 6″ travel “all mountain” bikes for nipping down the shops on…

  19. word on the trail is that 2×10 will likely trickle down at some point in the future, but will complement 3×9 options. It’s all about choice.

  20. ohh so the 10th gear IS the lockring. Very clever.

  21. That’s going to fill up with the local clay in winter, there again not much is good at resisting the stuff round these parts. Pretty machining.

  22. So the cassette (which I consider a consumable) is going to be about £220!!
    I’ll be sticking to XT which still makes me wince when I have to replace it.

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