Sram XX shifter close up

by Dave Anderson 16

Last post before I pop off for dinner, here’s the XX shifter.




Designed from the ground up just like the rest of the groupset but influenced by what Sram have learnt from previous projects such as the road groupsets and XO

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  1. Doh…I only just got it. XX as in roman numerals for 20, as in 2×10! I’m tired OK?

  2. That looks very close to an X0. Only thing that looks different is the ‘up’ lever. What is that? Carbon? Or, some ABS plastic? Hope it’s stronger than he ally one on the X0. Snapped mine, and cost me £35 just for a replacement lever!! :-0

    And, am I right in thinking that you still need to remove the top cover to replace the cable? Which, is difficult to do when you have a brake in the way. Which is how I snapped my Avid Matchmaker when replacing the rear cable on my X0 equipped Stumpy FSR.

    I love my SRAM kit, amazing shifting, but, their marketing dept need to grow some balls and give the Matchmakers in the X0/XX kit. And, make them beefier while they are at it.

  3. Have you thought of unbolting them from the matchmaker before changing cables?

    Changing cables on XX is supposed to be an easier process than XO according to the tech guys.

  4. Meh, it’s a shifter…Struggling to be excited TBH

  5. Thanks for that insight into your life their nickc. Dave! Have the rest of the trip off. Nickc doesn’t give a sh…. Although he was motivated enough to tell us how not very excited he was on the internet.

  6. Ooh neat, I like it (sadly it will be out of my price bracket)

  7. Looks like Mark has had a long day……

    Looks very similar to the road double tap flatbar shifters.

  8. is it just me or do all SRAM shifters look a bit naff?

  9. @Dave:
    I did unbolt my X0 from the Matchmaker when changing the cable. It’s the only way.

    Tightening it back up onto it is what made the Matchmaker snap. Wasn’t too impressed when that happened just before my ride. Thankfully, I’d kept the old brackets in my toolbox.

  10. Tightening it back up too much perhaps?

  11. what’s up whit grip ship dessapear…??? bad idea

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