An Evening with Gary Fisher

by Tom dB 10

Chevin Cycles of Otley arranged an evening showing of Klunkers followed by a talk by Gary Fisher on March 14th ’09 at Otley Town Hall. We video’d the event and squashed 40 minutes of talk into a handy 10 minute bite size nugget.

An Evening with Gary Fisher from Singletrack Magazine on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks. “MTB is a grass roots sport”. I like that

  2. An evening with Gary Glitter. Ouch!

  3. someone should have got him something to put his drink on

  4. Bugger Bugger Bugger Bugger on my doorstep and still I didn’t know!

  5. Would have loved to have been there. For all of his naysayers when you hear him talk he sounds like a bikie. He cares and doesn’t appear to be a corporate stooge.

    Sounds like an ace evening.

  6. Video won’t play for me, but I’ve been told what’s in it.

    I met Gary in 1971 and we became housemates in a bachelor pad filled with bikes. We started the business together in 1979. He’s very generous in mentioning my participation even though he’s the “famous one” and I don’t work in the bike industry any more.

    Gary has more passion for bikes, and for life in general, than any other two people you know. He started racing bikes when he was 13 years old, and he has not stopped yet. I will be lucky if I ride half the miles in my lifetime that Gary already has.

  7. Hasn’t he broken his foot or something?

  8. gary fisher looks nothing like gary glitter

  9. I bet the top of that pint was warm afterwards.

  10. terrahawk – cracked bones in his foot just prior to coming to us! He chose to ride as his cycle shoes are stiff and as he had promised to ride and didn’t want to disapoint!


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