Friday Afternoon Gear

by Chipps 11

Everyone loves a Jones. Don't they?
Ticking all the 'freakbike' boxes. Different sized wheels, non-standard components, singlespeed, Jones bars, funny tyres...

It’s the Marmite of the bike world. You’ll either think it’s the best bike ever, or you’ll wonder what on earth all the fuss is about. Jeff Jones titanium frame (with a 29er wheel out back). The frame is built to offer a great deal ‘natural’ suspension from the flex of the design and the material – and add to that the truss fork, again offering a lot of natural ‘give’. And then there’s the 4in Surly monster Endomorph tyre, built onto a Large Marge rim… Oh, and Jones bars…

And seemingly tame by comparison, Chipps has fitted one of Cane Creek’s new top of the range 110 headsets – in purple, naturally – to his gnarly Orange Blood build-up. Now, what colour rims next? He’s toying with either polished gold, or neon green…

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  1. He’s toying with either polished gold, or neon green…

  2. So the Jones rider is trying to maximize his nicheness then

  3. Looks like he’s trying just a little bit too hard with that front wheel.

  4. polished gold? I like a nice burnt orange, me.

  5. You should try riding it. That front wheel makes a lot of sense..

  6. the jones looks like an explosion in a coat hanger factory.

  7. Really like Jones frames/bikes but question the X wide tyre. I understand for snow/sand riding but as an alternative to front tele suss? Surely weight/drag brings efficiency on to a par with STD front forks? But still each to their own, wouldn’t say no to a test ride.

    As for Chipps colour clashing and this “new” trend for wacky colours (1990 is back). No ta. While I have become bored of the whole black/grey/silver frames of last few years firms like Trek and Lapierre IMHO are showing how bikes can look good with well applied aesthetics. Oh G Fisher too.

    My very fave bike design of recent years has to be the original Trek SS 69er in Root Bear satin. Ace. If I had money and could find one I’d buy it even though I have a SS.

    But again I’m sure others will disagree, and rightly so.

  8. The front tyre on that bike is lovely, and surprisingly light. Rolls fast too.

    Oh, I can’t be the first to say, “what on earth is Chipps going to do with a Blood” now, can I?

  9. Fat tyres have less rolling resistance off road than thin ones… the endomorph can be run at less than 10psi, reducing drag further!

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