The Ride Journal Issue 2

by Ben Haworth 20

Ride Cover II.inddThe Ride Journal Team write…

After what seems like a very long time Issue 2 of The Ride Journal is finally ready to be unleashed. After the amazing response we had for issue 1 we’ve been trying to squeeze issue 2 in amongst weddings, new jobs and even some riding.

Issue 2 features even more of a mixture of riding and writers. From multi-gold medal olympic riders, to people commuting around town. BMXers from the Australia and Cyclocross racers from Oregon.

More photographs, illustrations and even more passion squeezed into recycled paper and printed with “that nice smelling” soya ink.

Yet again we’ll be giving away money to charities so you can feel even better about buying a copy.

The postage may have gone up a little (sadly that happens when it weighs more than last time) but it’s still a bargain-tastic £7.

And if you’re close enough to London you can even come along and say hello at our launch, (see the flyer below).
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  1. Just ordered a copy of 2nd edition.
    Missed out on the first edition anyone know where I can get a copy?

  2. sneaky; put a track bike on the flyer for the London set 🙂

  3. we’ve got a handful of issue 1 left

  4. Track bike for London party…

    Hi Simon, phil and I only have a few issues left for ourselves!

  5. Simon have sent you an email to shop

  6. phil, if I order is it likely to turn up before Saturday?
    as I’m off on holiday and need some reading

  7. In case anyone is still after it, there are a couple of copies of issue 1 in Cycle Care in High Wycombe.

  8. Tomes on drops…….ace! Can’t wait ;0)

  9. Whats the web address for ordering a copy?….anyone.


    Issues will arrive with me and distributor of Fri…
    won’t be with people till tuesday I guess.

    Tomes at his best!

  11. just ordered mine, can’t wait.. would love an Issue 1 (buy online) if anyone knows where

  12. the Track Bike is the one used by BC GB track squad…. lovely

  13. Just ordered my RJII, thanks for the effort of a great mag Phil.

    Paul P

  14. Just ordered mine too :0)

  15. Woll be in London that evening on way to the Flanders sportif, will try and get down early for the champagne and dancing girls!

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