Jimi Wallet

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img_0334Jimi Wallet
Price: £12.00
From : 2pure www.2pure.co.uk

The Jimi Wallet so the marketing goes is the wallet for people that don’t do wallets.

It’s a classic I-generation product. (How much of the last 8 years designs have been influenced by the I-pod?) the Jimi wallet consists of a translucent plastic clam shell box with a flip top lid, inside there’s an area for credit cards and some form of ID (you can see the id through the wallet so you shouldn’t have to remove it to show someone) on the other side of the clam shell is money clip for holding your folding in place. All of these parts are modular so you can have if you want a larger internal area for cards or cash.

We were given a few of these and feeling about it were a little mixed, I personally loved it, my old wallet was a total mess filled with receipts I’ll never use and the change part filled to the brim with 2p pieces so it weighed a couple of pounds, it’s forced me to be a tidier wallet user and the fact that it’s water (read beer) resistant appealed greatly, it’s fits the outdoory type perfectly .

Others thought it was to small and didn’t like the fact you couldn’t put there change in the wallet and thought it a bit to small.

They do another wallet in the range a Jimi X which has the money clip on the outside so maybe that’ll keep the loose change-a-phobic happy.

Overall: I like it a lot, but maybe have a look at one before you buy.


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