Will Bob Roll shave his head for Lance?

by Chipps 0

There’s nothing worse than an aging geezer trying to hold on to his hair, eh?


For anyone who knows the history of Americans racing in the Europe, and especially the Tour de France, they’ll know that Bob Roll was there early on, on the Motorola and 7Eleven teams, pounding his big frame over the big mountains. He later raced mountain bikes for the likes of Litespeed. He’s since reinvented himself as a very charismatic cycling commentator on TV.

The only trouble is, he insists on interviewing the good and the great, all sharply turned out, in his scruffy jacket and scruffier hair… So the guys at Fat Cyclist have decided that he’d look way better with a shaved head – especially if it helps raise $5000 for the Livestrong Cancer Charity… If they raise $5000 by Sunday, then Bobke will shave his head…

Interested? Must be worth a few quid to get this effect, eh?


The Tour of California ends on Sunday… Get donating and get that comb-over gone!

Here’s a link to the Fat Cyclist blog. and here’s a link directly to the page where you can donate some cash for charity