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  • Which stick on cable guides are good?
  • robdob

    Need some for my reverb hose. Bought some off eBay last year for another application but the adhesive was rubbish and they were generally flimsy.

    Any recommendations?

    I’ve got a pack of Jagwire ones somewhere unused. Bought from US. Pack I did use stayed in place on a REverb for > year


    i had some similar ones i expect, never stayed on for more than 2 drops of the post. I combined them with some of the black sugru stuff they were perfect.


    Just bought a pack of “M-Part Self-Adhesive Cable Guides” for my reverb hose. No idea if they are any good but read a few decent reviews.

    M=Part ones off CRC last me years – degrease and clean before you fit, should be spot on.


    Adhesives and the cold generally don’t mix well either, so when you apply make sure both parts are warm as well as clean for a good application.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I used the M-Part ones on my old single speed I de-cable stopped. They didn’t show any signs of falling off after plenty of wet rides.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    I have had some M-Part ones fall off (eventually), but I glued them back on. Job done.

    Premier Icon craig5

    I got some from wiggle last year. Can trembler the type, but they click shut and stick like shit to a carpet. About £7 for 4

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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