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  • Stepping off the wagon….phew!
  • Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    After deciding to support my better-half’s decision to avoid alcohol in January, we finally arrive at 1 February!! Two pints of TEA at lunchtime and now a choice of mature red with supper…..mmmmmm!


    I had a drink Boxing day, but not since. Can’t really be bothered now…and I was drinking a bottle of red to myself every night (or a few cans, vodkas etc).

    Feel much better…

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    I am a v light drinker but total abstinence doesn’t suit. Lived too long in France…..

    Premier Icon mountainman

    We did it for Lent ,not religious or anything like that , just did and after not really interested in wine or only occasssional bottle .

    Moving to EIRE now so no chance it will be GUINNESS for breakfast and supper .


    We celebrated with a battle of St Christol and the missus decided to be a lightweight, leaving me to it.
    I’m not one for frugality, so I’m just going to have to finish it off and and get myself a nightcap afterwards 😀

    Edit: Spellcheck is good, no misshits

    jonah tonto

    had three pints after work, first since new year.
    i am usually a pretty heavy drinker, as in 1 at lunch and 3 after work + weekends but i am enjoying a clear head and full wallet and to be honest sat in the pub earlier i was bored so i think ill do another month, but allow myself a nice glass of wine if i cook something nice for my mates. trouble is i’m not sure how my malt collect will fit into this plan

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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