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  • tinybits

    Just about to move house, and don’t have a ‘corner’ to stick the tv into, want to get something flat so it doesn’t take up much room. I’d like to keep it to 40″ (950mm width) as it’ll then match a sound bar I bought a while back. My other kit (DVD and sound bar) are Samsung, and I quite like them as a brand, but in no way have to be them.
    I can’t be bothered with 3D so just want a nice bright, sharp picture and I’m a tight git, so would like something sub £500

    Oh, and to those who say don’t get a tv, life’s better without: Have you seen my wife? 😉


    Had one about 4 weeks now. Really really rate it now I’ve got it set up right. Upgraded to hd sky and made a world of difference. Also fantastic on the Xbox.


    They problem with Samsungs is they seem to be rubbish at any form of picture processing – so you will need to ensure that you are only feeding it high quality HD and that you have turned off any of its processing functions.

    They had a big Samsung in a 5 star hotel I just stayed in and there was a mix of SD and medium quality SD and the picture just didn’t seem acceptable.

    I have also seen several people comment that they cant display skin tones very well – that is how it always seems to me but I would hope that they could be calibrated back to normality.

    And I am also not sure Samsungs reliability is that great.

    I would look at a Panasonic or a Sony – I thought the recent Sonys seem to have good picture quality.


    tesco are doing an xbox 360 deal and 40″ samsung tv for £400 just now – at least they are in glasgow. no idea what the spec of the tv is though.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve just got a 39″ Panasonic from Richer Sounds with free 5-year warranty

    Ironically to go in the corner rather than on a wall, it sits further back than the old CRT.

    It’s bloody ace, but that is comparing it to the CRT. Note, I don’t tend to watch much sport, or play games so the all important motion bit isn’t really getting a work out.


    Got a Samsung 40inch TV and been happy with it so far. It replaced a CRT so nothing to compare it to flat screen wise.

    I found the standard picture settings weren’t quite right but switching to another preset which I then tweaked a little got it just right for me.

    Looked at other options but a 40″ smart TV for £430 seemed pretty good – UE40F6320 – got it during a brief offer in Tesco. It’s 3D but I’ve not used that and wasn’t bothered about having it.

    The processing on my Samsung (now getting on a bit) LE40A656 is absolutely fine – just don’t crank it up and spend some time getting the settings right. It blew away Sony’s and Panny’s I compared it to at the time


    I was looking at a Panasonic 4K 65″ the other day, wow!!!
    Five and a half grand and not much to watch on it though 😯


    I got a Sony one about 3 years ago for £400 and it’s got good picture quality compared to some other screens I’ve seen. All I’ll say is steer clear of LG, I had one for a week before it went pop and I’ve heard other horror stories.


    . All I’ll say is steer clear of LG

    Un-Lucky Goldstar…


    Once you have decided on which one have a look at the John Lewis website as they include a 5 year guarantee and prices are comparable with Currys and such without the guarantee


    I got an LG one from Sainsbury’s last christmas (the wife was ill and sent me to pick up some nappies 😆 )It’s pretty good.

    It’s better than our old Sony anyway, we watch a lot of cartoons these days and the ghosting or whatever it’s called was awful on the Sony, hardly any on the lg. It’s a cinema 3D one too, so now Sky3D is free we can watch the attenborough stuff in 3D which is fun. The odd film too. I’m not sure how much it cost, but it was less than £500 with a 3D blu ray player and some bread and nappies.


    I’ve just bought a 40″ Sony Bravia from Argos for the outlaws and it’s got built in Freeview/DVD but I had to also buy a surround sound just to bump up the sound output.
    £349 for the TV
    £99 for the surround


    For bumping up the sound unobtrusively the Bose Soundlink mini could be an option, not that I would normally recommend anything Bose…

    It chucks out a heck of a lot of sound for its size – and then when you go on holiday you can take it with you.

    Just an idea.


    Thanks guys. Sounds are taken care of thanks to samsung sound bar with wireless sub, now to find a 1m wide unit to whack it in and put the blueray / satellite boxes into.

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