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  • Did a search but turned up nothing on here, if it has been covered some one just post the link.

    As the title says, Im looking for some training books, road, turbo, mtb, cross training… race, indurance, triathlon, iron…. anything that you think is good and maybe explain why.

    Obvious question “what do I want to achieve?” A. To build up a small resourse of books that cover different types of training for different things.


    Premier Icon schmiken

    Anything by Joe Friel or Tudor Bompa.


    mountain bike fitness training – jon metcalfe

    good info – a little too XC focused for my wants; it mentions endurance riding but doesn’t go into enough detail imo.

    racing weight – matt fitzgerald

    managing weight for racing – explains why and how – much more useful than a diet book imo.

    mountain bike fitness training – jon metcalfe

    I have a copy sat on my bookshelf you can buy from me if you like.

    I can also arrange to have it signed by the author, if that’s of interest to you.

    Email address is in my profile. Cheers.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Mastering Mountain Bike Skills by Lopes is good for the rad skillz. Covers loads of stuff.

    Friels training bible is good too if you invest the time in planning etc.

    I quite liked the Time Crunched Cyclist book too. Don’t really use it much now but good for ideas.

    Learnt a lot from reading the Swim Smooth book too, still rubbish at it, but not quite as bad as I was!

    Edit: Reading Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage. Looks pretty good so far for road cycling specific core work that I can actually see myself managing to fit in. Yet to put it into practice though.

    Double edit: I also got a lot of good info from Coggan and Hunter’s Training and Racing with a Power Meter. Helps make sense of the data and tools that analyse that data (e.g. TrainingPeaks.)

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Quite specific subject matter tt’ing but an interesting read.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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