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  • Photo backpacks- lots of gear. Any snappers got a recommendation?
  • Kbrembo

    Evoc looks good in the flesh and I know a few guys with the Lowepro whistler and they rave about them.
    I currently use a lowepro sport 200 which has been good but I now have more kit so require somthing larger…
    So I have ordered an F-Stop Tilopa…loads of room for camera kit and outdoor kit



    i need to sort a pack for riding, and hauling lots of camera gear. There are quite a few options, such as Dakine, Evoc trc:

    I’m leaning towards the Dakine Mission 33L right now, but only because I’m avoiding the high costs of an Evoc one. But, ultimately I’ll spend what I need, to get the right pack.

    Carrying camera, lens selection, 3strobes, batteries, pocket wizards etc.

    Who’s using what? Experiences?


    That Tilopa look interesting. Although, strangely there’s not one picture on their website with the bag open?
    I’ll do some research on that.

    I’ll check out the Lowe whistler too.


    Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack

    Gobbles all my bits plus tripod and laptop. Comes with raincover and more straps and pockets than a shoplifters coat.


    I use a MindShiftGear Rotation 180 for most of my riding/photoshoots at the moment, It comfortably carries tons of stuff, (Usually D4, D800, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, strobe, 16mm, 16-35mm) plus standard riding gear, food, jackets, etc. What I really like, is I can have the camera away out of the elements/mud but pull it out very quickly by rotating the hip pack out of the main bag body.


    Thanks for the suggestions there. Lots of them to consider.


    I’ve an Evoc Photo Scout.

    I like it – except the water bladder on the side – when you load it fully, the bag sits askew.

    I’ve an F-stop Kenti – it has it’s place, but I’m about to order a Lotus and sell the other two…maybe.


    I have a Dakine Mission Photo 25L. Its not bad. Plenty of space for all of my camera gear anyway, with plenty of padding. But not much space for other non-camera stuff. There are a few side pockets, but you might struggle if you want to take a jacket, lunch or water bottle etc.
    It does have straps for attaching a tripod, though they’re a bit of a faff to get it secure.

    Mine is an older model I got cheap, don’t know if the current one has changed much.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Very happy with my Lowepro Photo Sport II


    I’m mission photo too


    F Stop Tilopa user here. Its the best bit and best made bit of kit that I own.
    The ‘open’ bag that you mention will contain an ‘ICU’ of your choosing. Smaller ICU equals more room for the junk, larger ICU equals less room. I supplemented the space with the addition of a pouch on the belt.
    Expensive for a bag but you’ll never regret the purchase.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    I’m using the Evoc Photo Scout mainly. A 5D, a long zoom, a wide zoom, a 50mm, 1.4 x extender and a flash fit in the photo section with GoPros and bits and bobs in the top half.
    For less kit I have a Lowepro flipside 300. Same camera gear but no extra space for GoPros.
    For a big shoot (2 bodies, a lot of lenses, 3 flashes, flash triggers, flash tripods) I use a dakine Reload 30L. And fully loaded it is massively heavy.
    I use the Evoc lots. The Lowepro next and for the bike the Dakine is the least used. I really try to keep the gear down if I’m cycling. I’d be tempted to get a frame bag or bar bag for stuff like the flashes, battery packs and so forth to get the weight off the back.
    Anyway here is how Nathan Hughes packs his stuff:


    creativelive (literally) just put a post out on facebook called “the best DSLR backpacks for outdoor photography”

    Looks like the Whistler gets their vote


    Brilliant- thanks for the great links and suggestions.
    I already have a couple of ‘non cycling’ smaller packs for motion camera gear, this one will only ever be used for low miles photo shoot/setups. So, big is good.



    Glad F-Stop got a mention, I’ve got a Kenti and a Loka UL and they’re both superb. Kenti for quick jobs and lighter trips (two bodies and lenses, couple of extra lenses and a flash), Loka for longer hill stuff and carrying day kit along with the camera gear.

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