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  • Premier Icon woody2000

    And there was me thinking you’d spotted a terrorist……………..:-)


    Buy her some flowers and ask her if she’d mind you using her private parking space when she’s not using it as you know how much it annoys her when you park on the road. 🙂

    LOL – I honestly think she would stab me in the eye if I tried anything like that.

    [/i]I explained as politely as I could that, as it is a public road, I could choose to park where I want

    If that applies to you, that also applies to her. If her behaviour is bugging you, maybe you parking there was bugging her the same.
    May be worth taking a bottle around and asking where would she suggest you park. She may calm down and say in front of her house is a good idea 😉

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Buy an old banger for £50 with a years road tax and mot.

    Park it opposite her house as soon as the space is free and leave it there.


    You’re not the only one! I was in a similar situation.. Neighbours have a double gate that is hidden as two fence panels, so had no idea it was a drive. I moved, as I wasn’t aware of it being a drive, and also asked if he permission to use it as a drive, to which there was no answer. Now he parks his vectra halfway over his hidden drive, taking up 2 spaces (he has a total of 6 spaces for 4 cars).

    Idiotic neighbours are everywhere! 😀

    I am quite sure my parking there was bugging her, but unfortunately there is very little I can do about it. I did ask her where she suggested I leave it and the answer was ‘outside someone elses house – anywhere, just not outside mine’.

    I don’t care that she is parking outside her house per se, just that she is doing it purely to stop me from parking there and her behaviour is just cutting her own nose off to spite her own face.

    No doubt I will get over the event long before she does.


    Why have two cars?

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Why have two cars?

    Why not?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I like all my neighbours. We have BBQs and sherry and wave at each other.

    *skips away in bucolic bliss*

    Why have two cars?

    Because I have a TT and my wife is expecting twins which won’t fit. 😉

    No, seriously, I need one as I have my own business which means travelling to see clients regularly and my wife has one as she works (well worked until recently) and needed it to get to and from there.

    I like all my neighbours. We have BBQs and sherry and wave at each other.

    We like the rest of our neighbours – some of them were invited to our wedding and we often stop to chat but there are a couple that are plain weird.

    Or maybe it is us that are weird?….


    sounds very familiar.. I live in a very similar farm terraced cottage and have a neighbour just like yours. only she refuses to park outside her house but scowls at anyone who parks there even though she is the one parking right in the middle of the extra spaces at the end of the houses. she even moved her wheelie bin out into the middle of her (unused) parking space.

    I just smile and say “hello” whenever I see the sad woman before she has the chance to skuttle off and blank me like she seems to do to the rest of the world.

    littlesthobo – I think bottling her would be too harsh 😕


    why do so many people think they own the road outside their house? You cannot reason with these people IMHO

    she even moved her wheelie bin

    If this neighbour ever thinks of that I am sure she will do it.

    How much does it cost for skip hire?

    (No, I am not going to be drawn into a petty t!t-for-tat on this really).

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I do get territorial when it’s you buggers coming up here to ride on the hills and you’re too tight to pay the £2 parking fee to park on the other side of the road.

    I blame STWers. Bastids.



    Dr Crippen her?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Paint a parking box on the road with “Dcotor’s Parking Only” written next to it. Then make a up a fake “Doctor on Call” board for the dash 🙂


    Why not restrict your cars to the space that you have to park them in like in Japan?


    As GW does, be overley nice to her and it will send her into an early grave. I have had a dissagreement with a neighbour over parking their car on our shared private road (They gave my 2.5yr old son at the time a telling off for riding his bike near it when i had my back turned). It got to the point of arguing etc and then the police. Then i realised that they are fat chavs and i dont want to waste any energy bothering with them. My son is now 6 and i had loads of kids doing jumps on a ramp i had built for them last night. Neighbours must have been spitting feathers as the run off ended with the kids having to skid before hitting their car.


    Because I have a TT

    You had my sympathy until you said that! 😀

    Unfortunately, there are tossers everywhere. And, though we all feel we have some kind of ownership over the tarmac outside our house, our ownership actually ends at the wall (unless you live on a private road of course). Any fecker has the right to park there as long as the car is taxed…there’s nowt you can do about it. She’s obviously not got too much to be worried about if your car is spoiling her view. Ignore and move on.


    order a large skip to be delivered to her parking bay

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    Aah, neighbours and parking spaces, always fun 🙂

    We have a similar situatuion with a ‘mad old coot’ who insists on making sure she’s got 5ft of space either side of her battered old micra because she’s “not very good at manouvering and it’s not fair”…and woe betide anyone who dares park outside her house when she’s out driving. It’s “her space” and everyone else should just “bugger off somewhere else”.

    I gave up trying to be polite when she demanded I move my car (this was while I was halfway through a turbo trainer session, pouring with sweat and gasping for breath) 2 car lengths down the road so she could park outside her front door…rather than just park there herself and walk the extra 4 footsteps

    Oh – for comedy value alone, stratobiker’s suggestion is definately the way forward!

    I had a similar thing this weekend, must be Easter or something!

    We have 1 allocated parking space in front of our garage which is away from the house and in a row.
    The end garage belongs to a rented house who also had about 3 off road parking spaces plus the garage and the space in front.
    The guy who rented the house was a cyclist and we became friendly and he then said it was OK to park my car if I ever needed to in one of his spaces as he never used the 4 spaces he had.

    Anyway he has since moved out and the property has become empty.

    On Friday I had a friend staying and to save any issues with my friend parking in the wrong place I moved my car into one of the empty 4 spaces that belonged to the rented house so my friend would park into my empty space.
    Once he arrived we were off and not coming back till late so my car would only be in this space for an hour or so until he arrived and I thought, if it was an issue, anyone would know it was my car and see me to move it rather than a random car that nobody knows who it belongs to.

    Anyway my neighbour who has nothing to do with any of this comes out and tells me I shouldn’t be parking in the rented house space. I point out to her that it is only for an hour and that the rented house is empty. She proceeds to give me a lecture about how we don’t want to upset the guy who owns the rented property and that I should call him and ask if it’s OK to use the space and maybe rent the use of it – FFS it was for an hour!!

    I also know the guy who owns the house and he knows me, he is a friendly guy and would tell me if I needed to move my car IF he turned up on Good Friday morning.

    I smiled nicely, nodded when required and agreed to the rubbish she is trying to tell me!! Went inside, didn’t move the car, didn’t call the owner and everything was fine. Why people have to get involved I don’t know!!


    “Because I have a TT and my wife is expecting twins which won’t fit”

    Are you sure there yours? As last time i checked only men who liked other men drove TT’s.

    Please don’t come and park your car in front of my house. I don’t think i could take the stress!

    Ignore and move on.

    I will do I am sure – long before she does. I am definatley going to employ the polite tactic though – I really don’t want to fall out with neighbours but as she is being unreasonable, I don’t think there is much else I can do about it.

    To be fair, if she did normally park her car on the road or had two cars, I would have respeced the space as ‘hers’ a bit more, but as it has always been an unused space I saw no reason in it being used.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Neighbours are funny things.

    We thankfully currently get on with our current neighbours (hard to fall out with a 99year old and a lovely family the other way).

    But our old neighbour was downright odd, nasty and horrible. After we started having problems it transpired she had fallen out with most of the other neighbours across the way and alongside, and previous occupiers to ourselves.
    It started with bickering about cleaning the shared passageway (apparently I was only allowed to brush out ‘our’ half, and it had to be done the day she did ‘her’ half…) disagreements over repairing rotten and leaking gutters and the fact that we painted our windows a different colour to hers(!), became our garden fence being torn out and friends shouted at when they came to visit, and ended up with my pregnant wife and pregnant friend being threatened – and then her daughter trying to batter our doors and windows in one night. We ended up having to call the police, which they (rightfully) said was a waste of their time to sort out neighbourly disputes.
    I will never understand the lady involved, or why she felt the need to be so nasty to us, friends and neighbours.


    I live in a village and the road pinches down to single and bends outside my house. I have no off-road parking so I park further up the road where the road is wide and straight. We have a recently moved-in neighbour who has off-street parking but won’t use it. If one of us goes out for an hour he will come out and move his car to directly opposite his front gate. Every time. How we laugh and feel slightly superior to this idiot with too much time on his hands. Get over it. Oh and do the very polite thing. If a neighbour is trying to start a feud there’s nothing more annoying that failure. There’s a lady in our village who stopped speaking to me after my ex-wife briefly went out with her son (I don’t undertand that either). I always go out of my way to catch her eye, fuss her dogs and send a card at Christmas. After about ten years she’s beginning to crack.


    I mean, how damn stupid is that? Well as you said it’s a public road so she has every right to park where she wants.

    People are funny about this sort of thng though. There are three parking spaces outside my mums flat and everyone also has a private space round the back. When we go we usually park at the front, she doesn’t have a car but the private spaces are way too tight. She moans constantly about people parking ‘in front of her window’, its parking spaces you daft old bat what do you expect people to do.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    People are funny about this sort of thng though. There are three parking spaces outside my mums flat and everyone also has a private space round the back. When we go we usually park at the front, she doesn’t have a car but the private spaces are way too tight. She moans constantly about people parking ‘in front of her window’, its parking spaces you daft old bat what do you expect people to do.

    Similar situation in my street. Every resident has either a private space or a garage. Cars belonging to non-residents from surrounding streets park in the street. Some residents think the public road belongs to them so they park on the street rather than in their space to stop non-residents parking.

    So the street’s clogged up with cars but the parking spaces are virtually empty.

    Absolute f*cking idiots.

    Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    We live in one of a row of terraced farm cottages. All the houses have at least one private parking space (belonging to the property). If there isn’t space to park in the owners own space (ie more than one car/friends visiting etc) either the few ‘spare spaces’ on the private acess road are used or, failing that, the public road is used.

    We have space for one car only as the front of our property fronts a field.

    This inevitably means I park my car in one of the spare spaces or on the road.

    Our neighbour has one car and she always parks it at the back of her house as it is her own private space.

    Over easter she confronted me as I had parked in front of her house (perfectly legally as there are no parking restrictions and on a streetlit road).

    I explained as politely as I could that, as it is a public road, I could choose to park where I want. As it hapens, the road narrows and comes to the brow of a hill further up so I choose to park nearer to her house as I perceive it to be a safer place to leave it if there are no other spaces available.

    She complained that it spoiled her view (of the road and the house opposite!). I continued to explain that it is an unfortunate position for her to be in because, as her house fronts onto a public road, there isn’t really anything she can do about it.

    So, after the confrontation degraded into an argument (although I tried to remain very polite with her and left it wishing her a nice day), her closing shot was ‘drop dead will you’.

    Anyway – the stupid, beligerent mad old bint has resorted to leaving her car on the road instead of her own private space, purely to stop me from parking there occassionally!

    I mean, how damn stupid is that? She didn’t like her view being spoiled so instead she puts her car there. So instead of OCCASSIONALLY having my car outside her house (not causing any access problems), she is leaving hers there all the time, leaving it at risk of being damaged by passing cars. I only leave mine there if I have to (when no off-road spaces are available).

    I can’t believe how much this stupid old woman and her obtuse behaviour has bugged me!!!



    Its amazing to me, having moved to a town, how many people seem to think their property line goes halfway out into the street.

    As she is clearly in the wrong, I should just make the most of a humorous situation. Enjoy it each time she has to put herself out and inconvenience herself by parking every day in some place she clearly did not want to park in the first place. I mean if you cant get a laugh from someone prepared to cut off their nose to spite their face…

    I see no reason to apologise or make up, just let it go. If she is that controlling and petty if you back down she will always feel she is entitled to the upper hand with you.


    Leave her a note, that gets people nicely wound up!

    I had a fight with an ice cream van in our last house. We lived at the head of a culdesac, which had loads of families on. Every single day for the 5 years we lived there, he parked his van blocking our drive. Sometimes it was ok as we didn’t need to go in or out, but often I would be coming home from work and have to sit there while he served 30 kids. We were in a semi and the house next to us had the drive at the side not on the front, so if he’d parked 6 feet forwards, we’d have been able to get on and off the drive.

    So one day, I decided I was fed up. I got out of the car and asked him (not rudely but fairly, erm, forcefully) to stop blocking our drive and to park infront of the neighbours instead. So he moved, I parked. But then on my way in to the house I heard him and some teenage lads make a comment and then laugh. So I flipped, opened the front door and yelled “I can hear you, you know” and slammed it shut again. Not my finest hour 😳 Irony was, we’d sold and were moving the next month! 😆

    If she is that controlling and petty

    That is pretty much what my wife said – that this old bat has clearly had a lifetime of getting what she wants so expected me to do what she demanded just because she said so.

    I do wish I had come up with a suitable retort to her ‘drop dead will you’ though.

    I just thought of ‘I am sure you will before I do’. I don’t suppose it will have the right efect now though will it?

    Premier Icon woody2000

    How good are you at faking a heart attack? Might be interesting if you did (to her eyes anyway) “drop dead” 😀

    Premier Icon firestarter

    my neighbour is a pain too must be the time of year. he doesnt have a car tho this one 😉 he like it clear so he can work on his scooter if he want . last time i parked there he came flying out and ended up hiding in his shed the horrible ****.

    he shouts at anyone who parks there and he rents the bloody house and its a public road not even his drive. hes got no parking signs up and carpet gripper on the fence to hurt cats .

    im thinking it wont be long before his lovely polished scooter gets some paint stripper all over it 😉


    When I was living in a shared house with 4 others we had a problem as too many cars to fit in the drive so the obious place for overspill was in front of the house but there was a bus stop there albeit with no road markings. I tried parking outside the house on oneside but was asked not to – apparently he was friends with Patrick Moore and one time Patrick drove past but didn’t stop as thought he had a visitor due to the car outside…. So I tried parking outside the other neighbour but was shouted at a lot. So I used the space by the bus stop where I got shouted at by bus users, so I tried a bit further down the road but found someone had put bricks under the car and let my tyres down…. The stupid thing about all this is that the road was a wide, busy one, the front gardens quite long and everyone parked in their own drives so really no harm from parking out in the front. Curious really.


    @ firestarter – spose it’s a step above burning him out you psycho 😕

    Premier Icon firestarter

    well id like to explain a bit i guess. a while back i parked there as there were no other places and as he doesnt have a car. he told me to move so i ignored him and when i came out later to move it as some spaces had cleared it was scratched down both sides and across the boot.

    this was the only damage to any car in the street . odd that. so i know it was down to him. but the proper channels wont do owt so i will get it sorted it out myself in my own time 😉

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