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  • Called out a cheery ‘hello’ to her yesterday.

    She ignored me.


    It is just this one mad bint. Ohh, and the guy a couple of doors down from her lets his dog use the lane as a toilet, but I am yet to catch him at it to bring him up on that particularly filthy habit (consideing there are several children and three more on the way it really does need stopping).

    We had the same problem. I live on a quiet estate and all the neighbours get on well, no issues with any. However a bloke around the corner has a dog that he lets crap in the road and doesnt pick it up. Our neighbours informed us it had gone on for some months around the estate and now he was walking his dog down our road.
    I came home from work to see a nice big jobby on the road outslide my drive. I was reliably informed it was done by his dog.
    I did my duty and picked it up, walked round to his house and deposited on his path. His BMW was the next target however it seemed to stop overnight.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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