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  • New years resolutions. Whose made one and what is it?
  • hazza123

    As title says, do share.

    I think mine will be to get out more, whatever the weather and to do some more racing.

    Anyone else?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m not making any… But, if I was going to, it would be:

    Get more organised and do more short riding breaks- back to Wales and up north, first visit to the lakes and north of england.
    Get fitter- which means a lot more distance and less dawdling. And more gym time probably too
    Try not to buy any more bikes.

    And various non-bikey thoughts but let’s not talk about that 😉

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    give up alcohol
    continue to not eat chocolate
    lose at least 1st
    beat this years riding mileage
    visit a dominatrix


    I keep on promising myself that I’ll do a scuba diving course. Maybe this is the year I should actually do it.

    To keep on doing what I do.


    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Northwind – Member
    Try not to buy any more bikes.[/quote

    I’m with you on that


    I will be giving up smoking (again)….but actually making it stick this time….last time I gave up for 6 months, and the time before that 18 months…this time will be better.

    And its alcohol free January as well

    Premier Icon miketually

    And its alcohol free January as well

    One of the first signs of alcohol dependency is giving up for a month to prove that you can.


    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Nope, to particular resolutions for me although this year i will be doing my first triathlon. And if that goes well then more to follow.

    Just riding more, stop mooching around and motivating myself to do more when i get in a rut sometimes 😀


    Learn some bike maintenance, I now have tools and a book so I no longer have an excuse. I do however suspect doing my own maintenance could cost me thousands given my last attempts


    Im not giving up alcohol for a month to prove I can, Im giving up alcohol for a month to shed some weight, and to assist with the non smoking


    Lose a stone or so and get properly fit like I was around 15 years ago…

    Premier Icon iainc

    similar to steve-g and ask – a dry month to see if I drop a few pounds and get a bit fitter. Don’t smoke though..


    Continue regular exercise started a few weeks back and it’s going ok.
    Loose weight nothing major 1/2 a stone to a stone be nice
    Focused healthy eating do this but reckon could eat less


    Lose at least three stones.
    Get fitter
    Start riding in a group
    Make some decisions about continuing / not continuing my current career path and take some concrete steps towards change.


    Take part in some big running races.
    Get to leading HVS consistently and tick a few E1s.
    Do a bike tour.
    Do well in my new job.
    Move house.


    Northwind – Member
    Try not to buy any more bikes


    Mr Woppit

    Sleep more.

    Spend less.

    Be annoyingly nice to Effin.


    Ride more.

    Read more books.

    Drink roughly the same amount of beer.

    Restore my spare Bontrager frame.

    Cycle over to see the senior Noteeths rather more frequently.

    Organise some kind of, uuhh, holiday.


    I didn’t make any but the other half informs me that i’m giving up smoking and cutting down on booze.


    To be a better person by:

    – giving more to friends, community, and society (more volunteering etc)

    – be more supportive / understanding / have more empathy towards those that need it

    – focus on the positives in my life and worry less about the negatives

    – be more open and trusting to friendship, love and support from others (which I find particularly hard)

    And if I can do all that and ride my bike / play in the mountains more, then that would be great 🙂

    Premier Icon Trekster

    noteeth – Member
    Ride more. Me to……………..

    Read more books. Me to

    Drink roughly the same amount of beer. Me to, but don`t drink much

    Restore my spare Bontrager frame. Me to…which one?

    Cycle over to see the senior Noteeths rather more frequently. Ditto

    Organise some kind of, uuhh, holiday. DONE. Alps in July

    + losing weight & getting fitter once my knee is fixed 🙄


    According to gf I have to:

    Stop being a sex pest ( I’m not certain that one is serious)
    Be nicer to her mum and dad
    Stop obsessing about food
    Ride more ( haven’t been on a bike for months)

    In return she has to
    Stop using our time to study
    Stop worrying bout everything
    Be more open bout who she is

    Drunken discussion/ argument has a lot to answer for 😕 😐

    goal to goal for me.

    kicking off with a 6 week, 6 days a week, slap into shape plan.

    if i can from a stone with that it would be good, then go from there with possibly an easter time sprint tri as my next goal!


    more training
    more racing
    loose more weight
    give up sillytrackworld

    visit a dominatrix

    +1 although I seem to end up wearing skin tight clothing and getting a sore arse though spending hours on a SDG I Fly which is much cheaper 😀



    “Stop being a sex pest …”

    Proper LOL 😆

    I think I’ll settle for maybe just meeting someone to pester!

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    ride more
    loose the gut
    general be more active
    eat less


    To lose my belly is the main goal.

    And probably take a step back from things now and again. Too easy to get obsessed with trivial things like riding the bike.


    Ride more
    Train properly for fitness and to get some lard off (time crunched cyclist might come into play for this)
    Get to some of the places I’ve wanted to go (on and off the bike) before it’s too late
    Less TV/internet

    Must Do.- Get to docs to see why i have blood in places it should not be.
    Maybe .- Give Blood as its important .
    Perhaps Loose 1 – 2 Kg .
    Outside Chance .- Get laid.

    don simon

    To be more fortright.
    To be more decisive.
    To procastinate less.


    Work less, be effective.


    Strike the medium to large lottery jackpot as usual … 🙄

    The rest are just normal boring stuff.


    sue W what happened to that bloke you fancy and did that day out on the hills?

    Sounds perfect pestering material to me 😉


    Lose at least 3 stone before Bonty 24/12 & 5 before the end of 2012.

    It’ll mean a complete change of eating habit but as I’m 40 in 2012 its time to get myself sorted out while i still can 😯


    *thread hijack*

    Emsz – we went up the mountain, went out for another windy day in the mountains, asked me out for dinner … and he’s now had to head back down south for work. Not sure what it all means – I always completely fail to know whether someone likes me or not – obviously explains my pestering limitations!

    *end of thread hijack*

    As you were – back to resolutions (think I might have to add ‘learn to interpret boy behaviour’ to

    Oh – and will make a resolution to go on at least one STW ride next year


    Get fit for various road rides, Tour De Mont Blanc and cross next season
    Do a Gravity Enduro
    Eat more healthily
    Be more understanding of other peoples problems
    Do well in My A levels
    Lots to do, but I’ll have more time if I don’t waste it on here.


    SueW – Call him then. My experience is that when someone takes the bull by the horns, good things happen. It’s rarely been me as I’m a coward 😉


    atlaz – I’m the personification of cowardly when it comes to this! Discussions with government ministers – fine, talking to guys about dating – zero confidence!


    Say yes to more things, I did it this year and it worked out well. So more of the same really. Oh and go out/drink more.

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