New years resolutions. Whose made one and what is it?

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  • New years resolutions. Whose made one and what is it?
  • grantway

    Think’s with the crappy weather and constant cold
    We was thinking this i’ll be our last Christmas in London
    and have all our seasonal festivities at our place in Alicante
    including New Years Eve


    It means he likes you!!


    Loose weight, enough is enough.
    Be kind
    Embrace opportunities
    Visit al my facebook friends, as many as pos

    ron jeremy

    5000 miles….

    that’s my target for the year, everything else will just be of help, (sorting out food beer etc)

    rob jackson

    No boozing at home unless special occasions
    Where possible ride >=3x per week
    Keep the same bike (nomad for anyone checking)
    Complete my road bike leg of the half ironman at wimbleball in June
    Ride my bike abroad
    Teach my little girl to ride


    i’m going to ride my bike more often and practice the guitar every day 🙂


    Actually I have a proper one, get a bmx and give it a better go at getting back into it 🙂 It’ll be hard as I stopped riding about 6 years ago, but it’ll make riding fun again – its all been a bit boring since returning to the UK!


    In no particular order.
    Run more, I was surprised to see I had run over 900km this year.
    Ride more, I was disappointed to see I had only ridden 600km this year.
    Gain weight, I want to be over 70kg.
    Learn more Spanish.
    Find a Job.

    I will be amazed if I manage them all but some should be possible.


    I have 4

    1. Spend more quality time with my Dad as he is close to 90 now.
    2. Try not to get too stressed out by/at work – I am only one guy and I can’t solve everything right here and right now. If they want to fire me then so be it, better that than chronic gastritis
    3. Ride my road bike more, fitness has really fallen off in the last 12 months, but weight doing OK due to the gastritis
    4. Have a drink now and again, years since I had a nice cocktail, leave the car at home and get a taxi.


    Gonna give riding every day another go (last time I managed until Easter but then went on holiday sans bike).

    **** ageing – I’m far too old now to act my age – sheesh, where’s the fun in that. It’s my birthday today and I’ve ordered a(nother) BMX 😛

    Drink less beer . . . from tomorrow 😉 (I refuse to believe that this excess tumminess is due to age and it’s certainly not lack of toning exercises – I now have awesome core strength but no less tumminess 😕 )

    Get back into Tri. Maybe do a 70.3
    Stop wasting these mountain roads and get out on the road bike more.


    Restore my spare Bontrager frame. Me to…which one?

    An older (?94) Race frame that needs a bit of TLC & re-painting. Thinking of turning it into a RTB/mutant CX type thing. Possibly.

    Cycle over to see the senior Noteeths rather more frequently. Ditto

    Sure, drop by their house anytime. 😀

    Mine – to pass on the kindness / generosity of others without expectation.

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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