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    Well there ye go, I never knew there were actual carrots in a carrot cake!

    I may have some bad news for you about Welsh cakes.

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    Parsnip & orange cake.
    Victoria sponge made with potato.


    oh yes made a potato cake with passion fruit that was nice and no way you woud have know it was potato


    Carrot cake is great. Heard of a similar cake using parsnip which I’d love to try some day.

    My wife has made chocolate cake including tomato puree. Makes it nice and moist. Apparently mayonnaise also works nicely but you have to draw the line somewhere!


    Mystery cake at a weekend piss up with friends turned out to be pesto cake. Well liked and quite surprised when found out what the flavour was.
    Quite like vegetable cakes where they are the flavour, not just to bulk or keep moist.
    Experimented a bit with meat cakes, ham and feta came out quite good.


    maccruiskeen – Member
    Carrots are vegetables.
    So is ginger…

    Hate to break it to you but so is sugar beet

    Ooooh get you buying the posh sugar…


    I once got given a savoury tuna sandwich cake for a birthday here in Estonia a few years back. I was a little disappointed at the time as i am a big fan of a traditional jam sponge cake.

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    Lady at work once brought in a vegan un-cooked (must have been set somehow?) nut and seed cake thing. I wasn’t brave enough to try it based on it’s looks and smell, and the one person that was spat it out…

    Would have been a bit less awkward if it wasn’t her birthday, and she hadn’t spent most of the evening before making it.


    I made this for an office bake off once
    Chocolate Cola Cake
    But being a wheat freak and given my connections I used gluten free flour and the Red Bull cola instead of normal cola, was very well received.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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