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  • just lost my job – some “chin up” comments needed
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    Anyway – back to some ‘chin-up’ comments…

    At the start of this year I was on the verge of a breakdown – family business was going tits-up and we ended up closing down and me being declared bankrupt.

    At that stage I was pretty much done for, but one of my long standing customers, out-of-the-blue, offered to set me up again from some spare warehouse space he had – no strings, just see how we go, and with him funding it!!

    So here I am with a regular salary (which I’ve never had), work coming in and probably happier and more settled than I’ve been in years.

    You really do never know what’s around the corner.

    Best of luck.


    If you need any help with your CV then let me know – also checkout a website called LinkedIn.com


    I know sweet f%$k-all about your legal position.

    But my other half, sitting on the sofa beside me, is an employment solicitor.

    And after reading through all of the posts on here, she can’t believe excellent most of the advice is. So follow it, and she reckons you’ll be okay…

    And you’ll be fine fella. All the time there are muppets willing to offer heart-felt and informed advice on STW (instead of doing the dinner/ironing/cleaning the car/watering the plants/insert relevant task…)you’ll have your support.

    cheers to all of you, because of your posts i’ve remained upbeat for most of the day. I’ve even factored in ride time for the next couple of days while i scour the earth for a new job

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    I’m still on your case about going for a ride:-)


    I just wanted to wish you well, I’m sure that there’s lots of good advice here so good luck.


    same as above really – cant offer any employment advice as not my area, and (fortunately) I have never been in your position. I do know though (from experiencing periods of depression myself) how things can affect performance – so I can deeply sympathise with you there. The advice about riding is good – thats how I ended up on here about 5 years ago – found our my mum was seriously ill and got dumped by fiance all in the space of a fortnight – riding my bike (in that glorious summer of 2003) got me through all that – so go out and do it (I still have a few issues riding didt help with, but hey ho, they can be sorted)

    Think there was an article way back in the ST mag about a guy with depression and how riding helped him cope.

    Most importantly, come back here and keep us updated as to how you are doing…always found, that amongst the trolls and opinionated buggers on STW most folk are really good and supportive, which is what makes it a pretty good place (takes off rose tinted specs…)

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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