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  • Finding someones address ? How can I do it?
  • Follow / stalk them.

    NB – might not be the most sensible thing to do………


    Presumably you have the name of the person. Try the local councils voting register. I believe that they are available to the public. Otherwise do you have a friend who works for a utilities company or something like that!!

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    That sounds exciting

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    Try the 192 website
    Directory Enquiries are free, but you have to pay to look at the Electoral Roll

    Otherwise the Electoral Roll is available in local libraries


    blastit – do they hold a Directorship of a Ltd company by any chance?

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    I need to find out an address to try and get some money out of them. They owe me and are not resonding.Now they have gone and disconected there phones.
    So which is the best way to find this out?
    Thanks Simon


    If they had a BT line and you know what town they live in you might be able to find it on under the Residential Search option.


    put an advert in the local paper saying you are a lawyer who is handling the estate of a 3 times removed relative of the individual concerned who has left him a lot of money and are trying to find him.

    He’ll be in touch shortly.


    Woudlnt hold out any hope – we got the police involved and even they seemed to be stumped and unable to help us locate someone despite us knowing their previous address, phone number and mobile.

    in order of legality,

    phone book, but presumably you’ve tried that

    electoral register

    facebook, just create a psudonym, preferably with a semi naked female in the profile pic, gaurenteed acceptance and access to all their details.

    slip postie for the area a few bob in return for keeping an eye out for the name on his round.

    tell the CSA your kids are actualy his (presuming its a he again)


    Use tracing agents.


    How did you have contact with him?

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    😆 good idea Samuri

    Google the phone number! (and any other details you have about him)

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