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    A few years ago Comencal really took off in the UK. Then there seemed to be quite a few problems with cracked frames. I dont think they could replace them fast enough. The UK importer pulled out, it all got messy.


    Madison dropped Commencal because they had their own lines ready to push in a big way.

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    Just read OP again and noticed:

    Maker honoured the warranty and i was told a new frame was on its way

    In writing?


    If the OP isn’t happy with mis-matched part – I reckon he has a right to complain and for Trek to make good and get it repainted

    I had a bonnet replaced on my car under warranty and they had to have 3 goes at getting it matched to the rest of the car

    Trek’s warranty is contractual, I take it?


    I can understand why they do it – I’m guessing each model in each range changes colour every year, so there must be loads of different coloured parts they would need to hold in stock. However, having bikes riding round with different coloured bits on them does make it draw attention to the fact that part of frame had failed.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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