What you could have won (and still can) Week 2

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Another week is down and out and that means we are 1 week closer to Christmas and that we have just given away another 5 days worth of amazing goodies!

Before we go over the past week of prizes, let’s just recap what we’re actually doing throughout December. What we’ve done is teamed up with all the leading brands from around the globe to offer daily “Advent” prizes to Singletrack fans. Each weekday we’ve been Live on Facebook asking who’s at the top of our tree and giving away items from bike lights to iced coffee!

Now, don’t be too disappointed if you haven’t already won a prize because there are still a few ways in which you can win. The first way is to continue entering our daily giveaways, we still have a mountain of prizes to get through with at least 10 more prize giveaways planned.

Even if you don’t win one of those daily draws you still have one more chance of winning though, and in fact this last chance is the best of all! You see at the end of our 4 week Advent giveaway we will be giving away a “Mega Sack” which will contain one of each prize we’ve given away over the course of the event! That means a huge hoard of 20 products for one person!

You can see what we gave away this week below, and what prizes we gave away the previous week here.

Monday: Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

Tuesday: Klean Kanteen Flasks

Wednesday: Continental Der Baron & Der Kaiser Projekt Tyres

Thursday: Meteor Auto Pro & Arcturus Auto Pro Light Set

Friday: Jimmy’s Ice Coffee Gingerbread x 12

  • Price: £1.99 per carton
  • From: Madison

To see what prize we have in store for next week, tune in tomorrow.

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