What you could have won (and still can): Our Great Advent Giveaway So Far

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Singletrack regulars will have seen our daily Advent giveaways over the past week, and while those giveaways have ended we still have 15 more days of prizes to go, not to mention the MEGA SACK!

What we’ve given away so far:

Monday: Altura Five/40 Waterproof Jacket

Tuesday: USWE Airborne 9

Wednesday: Ridden T-Shirt & Mug

  • Price: £10.99 (Mug) & £24.99 (T-Shirt)
  • From: Ridden

Thursday: Muc-Off Bicycle Ultimate Valet Kit

Friday: MGCOOL Cameras

  • From Price: £55.44
  • From: MGCOOL

The Mega Sack

Now, not to worry if you didn’t win anything this past week as your details have already been entered in to the prize draw for the MEGA SACK. The Mega Sack of goodness will have one over every prize in it from day 1 all the way to day 20, so yeah, 20 prizes in one whopping great sack for one person!

Next Advent Giveaway: 5th December

To increase your chances of winning the Mega Sack keep entering each Advent giveaway daily. Our next Facebook Live broadcast and giveaway will be on Monday 5th December. If you can’t wait till Monday though, we will have a post up tomorrow telling you all about the lovely prizes on offer all next week!

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