Wacky Tech Corner: Patchnride permanent flat fix

June 24, 2014

Fix punctures… without removing your wheel?

Patchnride: all one word, all one tool
Patchnride: all one word, all one tool

We, friends, are living in an age of boundless innovation.  One in which any invention has a shot at production and world-changing success.  Where brilliant and not-so-brilliant products alike can quickly and easily find a market.  Thank you Internet.

Today we bring you Patchnride.  A slick little package, Patchnride inserts an adhesive patch through the hole in a punctured tyre.  If the slickly-produced video is to believed, simply inflating the tube locates the patch between tyre and tube, permanently fixing the flat.  A little stem remains to indicate correct use (and partially fill the tyre hole).

Here's how it works.
Here’s how it works.

Currently limited to tubed tyres and tubulars, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for Patchnride not to work (comments in 3, 2, 1…).  The $25 (£15) pre-order price (half off retail!) includes one tool, two “patch pods,” and a pair of wipes that spread bubbly liquid over the tyre to help locate punctures.  If nothing else, the ability to repair flats without removing the wheel will be especially appealing to the maintenance-averse, commuters, and heavily-laden utility cyclists.  Mountain bikers shouldn’t feel left out: a tubeless-compatible version is on its way- something we’d genuinely be keen to try.


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