WTB High Tail: the world’s first 650b saddle?

March 9, 2014

…compatible with 26in and 29in wheels too

Notched to clear big tyres
Notched to clear big tyres

Over in Taipei, WTB has released an all-new saddle design driven by the needs of 650b downhill bikes.  Not all of them- one in particular.  When prototyping their forthcoming carbon fibre 27.5in downhill bike, Pivot engineers became aware that existing saddles stood in the path of the larger tyre as it moved through its travel.  Reluctant to depart from the current (26in) Phoenix DH bike’s chainstay length and rider position, Pivot reached out to WTB for a saddle that would meet their needs.

We’ve already seen a 29er-specific saddle, so why not?

The idea may not be as silly as it sounds at first blush.  With larger wheels, slacker geometry, and shorter chainstay trends all coming together in cross-country through enduro segments, WTB foresee the High Tail being adopted by a wide range of riders.  XC whippets and ‘only the best’ types are catered to with a $250 carbon-railed model, while titanium-railed Team and CrMo-railed Pro options will sell for $160 and $120 (all UK pricing to be confirmed).

Classic shape, cutting-edge materials
Classic shape, cutting-edge materials

In other WTB saddle news, the long-running (and widely-loved) Rocket V saddle also gets carbon rail options, as does the more recent Volt.  Both saddles will also become available in two widths to suit different behinds: 142mm and 150mm.  Both models should be available around September and range in price from $40 to $250.  WTB is distributed in the UK by Hotlines.


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