Monday Morning Debrief 56

by Dave Anderson 1

It’s a time of change as, it seems, Spring’s here . The multitude of Lapwing and Curlew displaying and singing up on the moors are certainly hinting at a change in the season. The end of Winter promises drier times ahead, a start to longer days of riding, the season of quality saddle time.

So it seemed like the perfect opportunity for our Sharon to get some saddle time in on her new bike.

Spring and a new bike, what more do you want?
Spring and a new bike, what more do you want?

Change is good but often needs a bit of time to adapt to. What initially feels different needs a bit of acclimatisation before adopting. When you’re moving on from a bike you’ve ridden and become accustomed to over a few years anything with a different stance and set up will take a bit of time to get used to. If it takes seven days to break or form a habit, maybe it takes seven rides to properly adopt a new bike?

What initially feels jarringly different soon becomes the norm.

Adapting to the new
Adapting to the new

So three rides in  and the bike is starting to feel right. Tweaks to tyre pressure and suspension set up have been done to get the most out of the ride quality. Fine tuning that no amount of workshop time is going to get right without a bit of trailside fettling. Wider bars that need subtle changes to body position after years of an XC set up. Progress. A move on from the old ‘perfect’ to a new bike with new possibilities and the promise of more good times ahead. A new bike for life.

Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Move on, adapt, adopt, enjoy.

All the inspiration  you need
All the inspiration you need

How did you get on? Where did you ride?

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  1. I’ve been getting used to my new bike, first time I’ve had suspension and now I’m riding full sus. But it’s been a really fun process! Good luck to Sharon in her adventures with her newby!

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