Absolutely mental 6,000 lumen Trail LED Halo

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Worlds brightest tiara

Count 'em!  Ten CREE LEDs
Surely there’s room to go to fourteen?

Packing a massive 6,000 Lumens (claimed) from ten CREE LEDs into a heavily heat-sinked arc, Trail LED’s Halo model is one of the most unique – and possibly bonkers – lights we’ve come across in quite some time.  CNC machined, hard anodised, and assembled in Texas, the Halo is the answer when the question is how can I pack as much light as possible into a low-profile package?  The form factor is a natural extension of the company’s 3,000 lumen DS and 1,800 lumen XXX’s form factors- and it’d hard not to admire the way that maximum output and cooling area come together in a lightweight design that sits lower than most lower-powered lights.

Simple mounting arrangement
Don’t call them rubber bands-
they’re silicone bands.

Trail LED’s mounting system is straightforward: translucent bands loop through helmet vents and attach to notches on their lights’ cooling fins.  Angle adjustment comes by adjusting the location of the light’s position on the helmet.  A sturdy looking switch and connector round out the package.  Interestingly, Trail LED claims that their wide range of light source locations creates what they “like to call MPSD (multi-point shadow definition), rendering unparalleled depth perception.”  It’s a neat idea and should reduce the sharp-edged shadows that can result from single-point sources.

Sink my heat, baby
Sink my heat, baby

With batteries that charge just as fast as they drain (in this case, 2 hours at full tilt), the Halo can in effect be run continuously with only a single spare.  Not that run time should be a concern:  at 4,000 lumens, the Halo is said to run for four hours; at 600 lumens the battery should be good for thirty-eight hours.  Despite all this power and uniqueness, the $1,200 (£735) sticker is – if not reasonable – certainly lower than might be expected.

Insane?  Maybe.  Overkill?  Probably.  Awesome?  Yup.


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  1. I’ll await it’s arrival (from several miles away) in Richmond Park….

  2. Guaranteed to make to make a dark night on the moors look like a visit to Sainsburys…

  3. Got to pity anyone unfortunate enough to be coming the other way

  4. Looks good. But eye wateringly expensive natch.

  5. Guaranteed to melt your helmet…

  6. This is the future…now just need to wait for the cheap Chinese copies on ebay 🙂

  7. Great. A product for cyclists with more money than sense.

  8. Doesn’t it kind of take the point of night riding away ?

  9. When do they launch the front and rear racks to mount the battery packs!!

  10. “Doesn’t it kind of take the point of night riding away ?”
    Dunno, most of the lights available today would piss off the keepin it real nightriders who still peer myopically at the spot produced by their 6w halogens driven by a couple of AAs.

    For some riding in the dark is the only chance they get to ride, they aren’t after the “nightride experience”. I like a bit of both TBH, riding along with tunnel vision staring at a small spot of light is fun…
    but so is going at silly speeds with a big flood light.

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