26in ain’t dead!

by Chipps 16

Cotic Bikes has a manifesto and a rallying cry for those 26in faithful who feel that their wheel size still has lots to offer…
It also has a nifty new video from Joe Bowman at Steel City Media…

Photos: Duncan Philpott
Rider: Craig Evans


Zombie hardtails!





Just hangin’ out in the woods with a camera

For more on this ‘dead’ wheel size, get over to cotic.co.uk

Comments (16)

  1. They’ve got some old stock to shift then … 😉

  2. Makes me want to get out and ride my bike 🙂

  3. Anyone know where this is filmed?

  4. Wonder if the trail came alive for him there?

  5. Great job Steel City Media. 😉 What’s the bangin’ choon called please?

  6. FYI Grace,
    Red Hot Rebellion
    You Bring The Thunder, I’ll Bring The Lightning.
    I wish my 26er would do that.

  7. Awesome … there will always be a place for a decent steel 26″ hard tail.

  8. Where do I get the t-shirt?

  9. Should rename that green colour “Zombie Green”.

  10. Cotic rule!
    I’d buy that t-shirt – what’s on the front?

  11. watched the video – awesome!

  12. That’s what my riding looks like. In my head. With the fast forward on. He’s even wearing jeans!

    Anyway 26 ain’t dead.

  13. Fantastic! The backlash has started.

  14. ^^ what they said +1

    T shirt here too please.

  15. 26″ wheels, tights* and a loud soundtrack.
    Is it the ’90s?

    *ok, his sister’s jeans

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