Singletrack Magazine Issue 69 Cover and Contents

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Well, that time of the month has swung round once again and the latest issue of Singletrack Magazine has been finished. It’s taken a load of blood and sweat, tears and tantrums but our beautiful baby has been sent to the printers and, come the 20th October, will be landing in shops and on subscriber’s doormats across the country.

Of course, if you’re a Digital Subscriber then it’ll be available for download instantly in a number of iDevice, smartphone and ereader friendly formats, with loads of gallery and video extras for you to check out.

Anyway, enough chit chat – here’s what will be in the next issue…

Singletrack Magazine Issue 69 (1)
The clean subscriber cover : The first leaves (of) fall - shot by Dan Barham


Singletrack Magazine Issue 69 (2)
The Shop Cover

Singletrack Magazine Issue 69 Contents

Singletrack Magazine Issue 69 (3)
The view from Verbier over towards Col De Mille - shot by Mark Alker

9. Editorial
Chipps calls for the return of the drinking, dallying sportsman to mountain biking.

10. Classic Rides: The Long Mynd
This mound of Shropshire hills contains many bridleway gems. Benji attempts to ride them all in one day.

20. Riding below the Weißerwusrtäquator
Sim and Dave drove to Bavaria in a van with two bikes and a lot of expectations.

32. Interview: Isla Rowntree
Racer, business owner, bike builder, pioneer… Benji interviews Isla Rowntree.

40. Column: Mike Ferrentino’s Blame the Dog
Fancy new bikes don’t necessarily make an old trail rideable.

43. Bike Test: Attention Seekers
Three show-stopping, exuberant bikes from Jones, Nicolai and Salsa.

54. Singletrack Propaganda
If you’re a current subscriber, you get Premier access for free. If you’re not, it starts from £2 a month.

56. Interview: Dr Jon – The thinking man’s bike geek.
One man’s search towards the perfect bike, via freak bikes, big wheels and a Dremel.

68. Competition. Win an Ibis Mojo SL!
And read the funny story from Scot Nicol while you’re at it.

70. Through the Grinder.
It was sunny, it was rainy, it was cloudy. We were testing products in all of it.

84. Column: Something very English
Jenn Hopkins reflects on the world outside the window and not putting off that ride.

94. Head to head – Euro mail-order.
Bikes you can buy on the internets. Benji tests a Rose against a BeOne.

98. Travel Feature: Idaho
Chipps reckons that Sun Valley, Idaho, absolutely must be on your ‘one day I’ll ride there’ list.

112. Grouptest: Mud tyres
Ten mud tyres tested to keep you from sliding into trees this winter.

122. Fitness Questions with Matt Hart
Keeping fit this winter. Should you go night riding? What about running? Matt Hart answers all.

126. Route Guide: Exmoor
Benji takes on the sandstone and gorse of this West Country classic

138. Singletrack Premier
Over 100 deals to be had for Singletrack Premier Members.

142. Outro – classic photos
Martin Hawyes trialsing in Paris: Chipps scans another slide from the archives.

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  1. Issue 69? Does this mean that the front cover is a bit bigger than the rear cover hence making the magazine look a bit odd but actually work quite well?

  2. My favourite issue number!

  3. Ooh goody! Mud tyre tests just as I’m on the look out.

  4. *refreshes magarchive furiously*

  5. do you know if it’s arrived at sainsburys braehead yet?

  6. Which Rose is reviewed?

  7. Fall! What happened to Autumn?

    Will you be doing a Holiday special or will it be a Christmas edition?

  8. “our beautiful baby has been sent to the printers and, come the 20th October, will be landing in shops and on subscriber’s doormats across the country.”

    For craa22uk

  9. Exmoor, mud tyres, fat bikes….this edition will be blinding all and sundry from it’s sheer awesomeness!!!!

  10. speaker2animals taaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Bill & Ted
    “think of a number”…………..69!

  12. Ooh goody, my little boy is looking forward to seeing the lady who made his bike.

  13. Pointlessly vindictive comment here.

  14. Nope, still nothing of value to add here.

  15. Ooooh looks like a good one. I was on the podium with Isla Rowntree once at Astley – she was 1st, I was 3rd . . . but she lapped me 😉

  16. Dan lives in Vancouver.. It’s his picture… his title 🙂

  17. Landcruiser, maybe he knows what was on the next frame!


  18. Re;matthew h, I was disapointed Travis Brown was not the guest editor!!

  19. cool I love this mag. Its funny but the bike on the front looks like the one i got from here

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