PressCamp 2011: Enve Rims

July 6, 2011

Enve Rims showed us what is new at last month’s Press Camp event in Deer Valley, Utah. If the name’s not familiar to you, it used to be known at Edge Composites, but apparently someone decided that name was too close to something similar and so it changed its name to Enve Composites. Anyway, it’s the same folk and same product, so let’s get looking at it.

The main focus of its showing was its new aero road rims, designed in conjunction with a well-known UK wind tunnel expert Simon Smart (ex-Formula One and all that, he’s based on the same site at the Mercedes Petronas team and helped develop the Giant Trinity and Scott Plasma time trial frames) Anyway, that’s also not what we’re here for. We’re here to see mountain bike stuff! And Enve has been busy here too – with a new UST rim and some 29er offerings.

Enve will also be offering fully-built wheels through its UK importer Saddleback – and there’ll probably be options to have Hope or Chris King hubs for the ultimate (and ultimately expensive) wheelset.

Enve will be offering both 26in and 29in full UST tubeless (as well as 26 and 29in tubular rims for flat-out racers). The UST rims have a UST-approved rim profile and will use an Enve rimstrip and valve stem. There are also XC and All Mountain versions of both sizes. So that’s six different models, right?

AM rim - 32mm wide


Carbon King Combo. Quite tasty.


There aren't many full UST carbon rims out there. We can only think of the Easton EC90.


Enve is keen to point out that they use carbon mainly for strength and stiffness, not for weight savings – however, it doesn’t hurt the weight either. A 26in XC rim is 350g and 385g for 29in. (Tubular ones are 260g and 280g) – that’s for 28 hole rims. 32h is available too.

ENVE tubeless rim strip goes here.

Here’s the comparison between an all-mountain and an XC rim. The XC rims are 24mm wide, while the all-mountain is 28mm wide for a better tyre footprint. Weight on the 26in AM is 405g and for the 29in is 450g.

All mountain rim on top innit.

Enve also makes seatposts, stems and handlebars. Here’s its range of mountain bike bars.  There’s the Sweep (middle, for 29ers and those looking to get the front end lower) the Riser (regular trail bar, top) and the DH (massive thing on the bottom).


The Enve bar family


The Sweep is 175g and 9deg, 700mm wide, the Riser is also 700mm, 9deg and 175g and the DH is a whopping 800mm wide and a not heavy 225g. The Riser and DH bar both have 23mm rise.

About now, you’re probably saying ‘Ahh, but I bet it all costs a fortune’ – which, to be fair, it does. However, Enve reckons that its products are so tough (everything has a two year limited warranty) that you’ll probably get over twice the life out of its rims than an equivalent aluminium one, so the costs in the long run don’t work out that bad. It’s up to you to decide – but we reckon you already know if you’re going to be getting some Enve, regardless of price.

And talking of which, here are the RRPs, straight from importers Saddleback.

ENVE 26″ XC Tubular    32h        £650.00
ENVE 26″ XC Clincher    32h        £700.00
ENVE 26″ AM Clincher    32h        £700.00
ENVE 29″ XC Tubular    32h        £700.00
ENVE 29″ XC Clincher    32h        £750.00
ENVE 29″ AM Clincher    32h        £750.00

ENVE 31.8 Sweep Mtn Bar    700mm        £120.00
ENVE 31.8 Riser Mtn Bar    700mm        £120.00
ENVE 31.8 Downhill Mtn Bar    800mm        £130.00

ENVE 25mm Seat Post    27.2mm        £200.00
ENVE 25mm Seat Post    30.9mm        £200.00
ENVE 25mm Seat Post    31.6mm        £200.00
ENVE 0mm Seat Post    27.2mm        £200.00
ENVE 0mm Seat Post    30.9mm        £200.00
ENVE 0mm Seat Post    31.6mm        £200.00
ENVE 0mm Seat Post    34.9mm        £200.00

ENVE 31.8 Stem    75mm        £200.00
ENVE 31.8 Stem    90mm        £200.00
ENVE 31.8 Stem    100mm        £200.00
ENVE 31.8 Stem    110mm        £200.00
ENVE 31.8 Stem    120mm        £200.00
ENVE 31.8 Stem    130mm       £200.00

Mountain 26″ XC 24mm Rim Strip (each)    26″        £2.50
Mountain 26″ AM 28mm Rim Strip (each)    26″        £2.50
Mountain 29″ XC 24mm Rim Strip (each)    29″        £2.50
Mountain 29″ AM 28mm Rim Strip (each)    29″        £2.50


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