Final Call For Weekender Marshalls

June 30, 2010

The Event Of The Century is nearly upon us. The courses are open for inspection Saturday 10am and the racing starts at 1pm. We could still do with having a few more people helping out with being a marshall. You don’t have to do both days. You don’t even have to do all of one day.

If you can spare a couple of hours of your time this Saturday or Sunday you too could be part of Mountain Biking History.

Why bother?

  • You get to be on all the primo trackside heckling/vulture-ing spots.
  • You get to wear a hi-viz vest and wave flags about and experience all the attendant feelings of superiority that this comes with.
  • You get free refreshments.
  • You get free Singletrack T-shirt and badge (seriously, the badges are sooo cute it’s worth doing it just for one of those).
  • You’ll have a great time. No really, you will. It’s a very fun atmosphere and everyone is there for a laugh.

Where do I sign?

  • Call the Singletrack Office on 01706 813344 and leave your name and contact details.
  • Email with your name and contact details.

When do I need to be at Lee Quarry?

  • Saturday – any time from 9:30am onwards (NB: early birds will get the best spots!)
  • Sunday – 9.30am.

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