Final Call For Weekender Marshalls

by Ben Haworth 3

The Event Of The Century is nearly upon us. The courses are open for inspection Saturday 10am and the racing starts at 1pm. We could still do with having a few more people helping out with being a marshall. You don’t have to do both days. You don’t even have to do all of one day.

If you can spare a couple of hours of your time this Saturday or Sunday you too could be part of Mountain Biking History.

Why bother?

  • You get to be on all the primo trackside heckling/vulture-ing spots.
  • You get to wear a hi-viz vest and wave flags about and experience all the attendant feelings of superiority that this comes with.
  • You get free refreshments.
  • You get free Singletrack T-shirt and badge (seriously, the badges are sooo cute it’s worth doing it just for one of those).
  • You’ll have a great time. No really, you will. It’s a very fun atmosphere and everyone is there for a laugh.

Where do I sign?

  • Call the Singletrack Office on 01706 813344 and leave your name and contact details.
  • Email with your name and contact details.

When do I need to be at Lee Quarry?

  • Saturday – any time from 9:30am onwards (NB: early birds will get the best spots!)
  • Sunday – 9.30am.

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  1. Even the lure of Dave’s hipflask didn’t get me up that hill…

  2. i bloody offered to marshal the other day but benji guilted me into entering the event itself instead!

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