Fresh Goods

April 16, 2010

Ice Toolz XPert Crown Race Installation Tool
From: Windwave
Price: £79.95

We got fed up using an old clamp to bash our crown races on with so we ordered one of these to help save on knuckle damage.

Ashima AiRotors
From: ZYRO
Price: £22.99 – £29.99

Ashima claim these are “the lighest stainless steel rotors on the market”. Tom de Buin raved about Ashima rotors in one of his product tests last year – we’ll try and make sure someone else gets their hands on these two before he does!

ODI TroyLee Designs Lock-On Grips
From: ISON
Price: £21.99

Everyone needs grips and this colourful signature series are sure to stand out on the trails. They’re only available in yellow, red, black and white, which sadly means there’s no pink for Chipps Blood though.

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Fresh Goods