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Ice Toolz XPert Crown Race Installation Tool
From: Windwave
Price: £79.95

We got fed up using an old clamp to bash our crown races on with so we ordered one of these to help save on knuckle damage.

Ashima AiRotors
From: ZYRO
Price: £22.99 – £29.99

Ashima claim these are “the lighest stainless steel rotors on the market”. Tom de Buin raved about Ashima rotors in one of his product tests last year – we’ll try and make sure someone else gets their hands on these two before he does!

ODI TroyLee Designs Lock-On Grips
From: ISON
Price: £21.99

Everyone needs grips and this colourful signature series are sure to stand out on the trails. They’re only available in yellow, red, black and white, which sadly means there’s no pink for Chipps Blood though.

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    slow week in STW-towers delivery room?

    Ashima claim these are “the lighest stainless steel rotors on the market”

    Did they really claim they were the “lightest”?

    lack of braking surface area may make them lighter, but will also reduce the stopping power, surely?

    made the move to a nice Park crown race setting tool a few years back. so so much easier. Just need to couple it with a crown race removal tool now – less hammer and screwdriver bodging = a happy workshop!

    Tool to install crown race? Why not just put it on by compressing the whole head stack with the a good strong bolt? Works perfectly fine and no need to blow £80 on a what is basically a tube of steel.

    Short length of scaffold pole costs a lot less than 80 quid.

    Three products?????
    What have you been doing all week-riding round in the sun whilst we all graft?

    thing is – compressing it all together means putting undue strain on the bearings…

    and the Park one is just one of those tools that works brilliantly.

    plus I have a large fleet of hire bikes to do – can’t be bodging them all the time!

    Yep thats what I use piece of alloy 33mm inside die pipe about 300mm long couple of stickers on it, has done the job for the last 15 years, just need to get a new one now to deal with the bigger head set sizes coming out. cost about £1

    Only tool I ever use is a hammer and some WD40.

    All these ‘bike specific’ tools is all utter marketing BS.

    Olly> The amount of braking surface has no impact on braking performance. Otherwise we’d all be running giant discs & pads! The braking force is applied across a smaller area but the friction generated is the same.

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