New Singletrack Wool Jerseys For Christmas

November 20, 2009

We’ve just finished our design for a new Sports Wool long sleeved jersey and our manufacturer (Locally sourced in Ilkley, West Yorkshire) are ready to roll the er.. presses or loom or whatever clever machines make these lovely jerseys.

ShuttFt ShuttBk

Custom made for us by Shutt Velo Rapide out of finest sporting-merino.

They will be priced at £94.99 (£84.99 for Premier Account holders – Push the yellow Button)

They will be on sale shortly in our shop (We’ve been promised delivery in time for Xmas despatching) but to help us get the initial order moving quickly we are looking for advanced orders for Monday morning. Don’t worry, we won’t be taking your money just yet. We just need to know numbers and sizes so if you want one of these Jerseys then email with your size preference.

Size wise these jerseys will be slightly loose fitting as opposed to the usual tight roadie squeeze of a standard Shutt cycling jersey.

Size Guide…
Small = 34″ – 38″
Medium = 38″ – 42″
Large = 42″ – 46″

So to get your hands on one from our first batch in time for Christmas you need to email Mark before midday on Monday the 23rd November. If you aren’t yet a Premier Account user then don’t panic. So long as you are when we take delivery and come chasing you for money then you will get the Premier Account discount 🙂

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