Fresh Goods Friday

October 9, 2009

Half the magazine are at the Cycle Show this weekend (did we mention our award?) and the other half of the magazine is going to be working in the office all weekend in order to get the next issue of the magazine to the printers on time. Nevertheless, we’ve found time to give you a peek at some of the smart stuff that’s arrived at Singletrack Towers this week and that’ll be appearing in the next, and future, issues of the mag.

Enjoy the glitz!

J-Bars. Not just for rich people. Titec's licensed version is out now.
The new bike clothing brand on the block. Tees, badges and all sorts.

Garmin's new touch-screen GPS with maps - the Dakota

Jamie Tomkins popped in on his way to the show and left us with one of each of their new range, including new Crud Catchers and the clever new Race Blade road guard.

Peaty inspired Crud 'Fast Fender' for DH bikes - bolted to a Titec Flat Tracker bar - yes, it's back!

Another Singletrack Scoop! The new Orange R8 will be in issue 53, out October 22nd.

New Osprey pack. It's not out until February, so we have plenty of time to use it and review it. That's how we like it.

We love Ibis' sense of humour. 'Cylindrical tubing - Patent Pending' - genius.

Expect to see this Ibis Hakkalügi 'cross bike being campaigned very slowly by Chipps this winter.

Not actually a bike component, but a pretty shot of Chipps' Strat, in for a re-fret at the guitar doctor's.

Carbon, and more carbon... What could it be?

It's the latest carbon Pronghorn race bike. 100mm travel and an astonishing 21.6lbs!

Another Ibis. Seems they thought they'd make the most of the courier's passing by.

An Ibis Tranny in Irn Bru orange. Now then, singlespeed or geared? The choice is ours...

Does my bum look big in these? New stretch jeans from Howies. Slim, with enough give for riding your bike in them. Many pub rides are scheduled in order to test these to the max.

A bucketful of Maxxis - the Wet Scream, High Roller and Swamp Thing. Essential winter survival treads for bad days here.