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Half the magazine are at the Cycle Show this weekend (did we mention our award?) and the other half of the magazine is going to be working in the office all weekend in order to get the next issue of the magazine to the printers on time. Nevertheless, we’ve found time to give you a peek at some of the smart stuff that’s arrived at Singletrack Towers this week and that’ll be appearing in the next, and future, issues of the mag.

Enjoy the glitz!

J-Bars. Not just for rich people. Titec's licensed version is out now.
The new bike clothing brand on the block. Tees, badges and all sorts.

Garmin's new touch-screen GPS with maps - the Dakota

Jamie Tomkins popped in on his way to the show and left us with one of each of their new range, including new Crud Catchers and the clever new Race Blade road guard.

Peaty inspired Crud 'Fast Fender' for DH bikes - bolted to a Titec Flat Tracker bar - yes, it's back!

Another Singletrack Scoop! The new Orange R8 will be in issue 53, out October 22nd.

New Osprey pack. It's not out until February, so we have plenty of time to use it and review it. That's how we like it.

We love Ibis' sense of humour. 'Cylindrical tubing - Patent Pending' - genius.

Expect to see this Ibis Hakkalügi 'cross bike being campaigned very slowly by Chipps this winter.

Not actually a bike component, but a pretty shot of Chipps' Strat, in for a re-fret at the guitar doctor's.

Carbon, and more carbon... What could it be?

It's the latest carbon Pronghorn race bike. 100mm travel and an astonishing 21.6lbs!

Another Ibis. Seems they thought they'd make the most of the courier's passing by.

An Ibis Tranny in Irn Bru orange. Now then, singlespeed or geared? The choice is ours...

Does my bum look big in these? New stretch jeans from Howies. Slim, with enough give for riding your bike in them. Many pub rides are scheduled in order to test these to the max.

A bucketful of Maxxis - the Wet Scream, High Roller and Swamp Thing. Essential winter survival treads for bad days here.

Comments (28)

    Whos the little guy in the box at the back of the H bars?


    And to think that tee was actually paid for too! You boys do work hard for it. Look good Sim 🙂

    that Orange looks nice.
    what is it ? steel ?
    replacement for the P7 ?
    what fork travel ?

    In that Howies photo is Chipps undoing his flys while someone putting on rubber gloves?!

    Cheers Morvelo 🙂 Puffing out the chest to maximise logo coverage, grr!

    Shaggy – that’s the effect we were going for, yes…

    The Orange R8 is a new 853 frame from Orange, not replacing the P7, but being a 100mm forked old school fun, sleek steel hardtail.

    Liking that Pronghorn. I am sure it’s very Marmite but I like that as well. 🙂

    Yes what size is the Tranny and will it go 4X build with a new Fox 100mm bolt through?

    It’s just my size Ed. I was thinking more geared, 100mm 20lb XC machine. Perhaps we should put it to a reader vote… 🙂

    How about a journey where it morphs into all it’s different guises at different spots along the way, starting with being unbolted, put on a plane to Scotland and being ridden back to Todmorden?

    put on a plane to Scotland and being ridden back to Todmorden?
    i’m available. and cheap.

    The Morvélo goods are truly great, that very same t-shirt is my current favorite item of clothing and I don’t think I’ve worn a non-Mélo t-shirt since I bought a few at the BrightonBigDog!

    Their cycle kit is so good looking I swear it actually makes me measurably faster.

    Chipps, get your luthier chappie to fit stainless steel frets to your Strat. They feel much more slinky and last longer though he’ll curse you for wrecking his tools! I use it for all my guitars now (shameless plug) –

    I’m going for SRV jumbo frets and a fingerboard flatten. I don’t play my guitars enough to wear anything out, so I’ll stick with regular frets. Nice guitars by the way, is that you then?

    SRV, now there was a guitar player! Sounds like a good plan. Thanks for the comment, yes, Gus Guitars is just me…I think there’s even a little pic in the workshop tour bit. There’s a bit of bike influence and technology in the designs (all wasted on most guitar players of course!) but keeps me happy. They’re carbon fibre with lots of hand made aluminium bits. Simon.

    Pronghorn, trick but good god thet’re ugly.

    Singlespeed the Tranny pls, to give that join plenty of stick 😉

    Sort it out Slacktrack! Them there be J-Bar’s not H-Bar’s (non riser). Both are now available in the UK (stock of the J-Bars arriving very soon).

    KERBLAM! Changed! See, how quick was that, eh?

    I take that back that first comment! 🙂

    Like the look of the Orange R8. I’ve just checked the geometry on their site and it looks like they’ve headed back to the short wheelbase geometry of early Clockwork/Evo2 vintage — perfect for diving through tight wooded singletrack. Later P7s and the anniversary Clockwork of a couple of years ago had long wheelbase ‘Inbred copy’ geometry which made them more stable a speed but more cumbersome in the tight stuff — a bit of a cop out in my opinion.
    It’d be nice to see a singlespeed option on the new frame though. I’m sure that would increase sales enough to be justified.

    Numark box…who’s the DJ??????

    I quite fancy that tranny! got to be geared and 100mm sounds good. Lookin forward to seeing it built up

    J-bars………. has anyone ever tried to put some grips on ’em? Tell me how.

    “Singlespeed the Tranny pls, to give that join plenty of stick”

    sounds like a jobload of testing sense to me….

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