Introducing The Singletrackworld Reviews Section

February 20, 2009

In our continuing effort to take over the world we’ve just launched our “Reviews” section. See that blob tab up above called “Reviews”? If you click on it you will be instantly  whisked off into a magical world of shiny product and Singletrack’s opinions on said shiny product.

We get so much stuff to test that there simply isn’t enough room in the magazine for it all to fit in and do it all justice. We also get some stuff in that doesn’t fall within the “vaguely XC/just-regular-riding” remit of the magazine. So that kind of “too-jey-or-too-grrr” stuff will find a home on our website.

You can consider our new “Reviews” section as being like our Grinder section in the magazine but on the internet. Just as much effort and consideration and mileage will be put into these online reviews. We might even change the name of section to “Grinder” – it depends new visitors to Singletrackworld would know what it means!

In the “Reviews” section you will find bike tests, group tests, components, clothing, accessories, even some non-MTB stuff that we think you’ll be interested in. 


Please go and have a looksee and let us know wht you think:

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