Introducing The Singletrackworld Reviews Section

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In our continuing effort to take over the world we’ve just launched our “Reviews” section. See that blob tab up above called “Reviews”? If you click on it you will be instantly  whisked off into a magical world of shiny product and Singletrack’s opinions on said shiny product.

We get so much stuff to test that there simply isn’t enough room in the magazine for it all to fit in and do it all justice. We also get some stuff in that doesn’t fall within the “vaguely XC/just-regular-riding” remit of the magazine. So that kind of “too-jey-or-too-grrr” stuff will find a home on our website.

You can consider our new “Reviews” section as being like our Grinder section in the magazine but on the internet. Just as much effort and consideration and mileage will be put into these online reviews. We might even change the name of section to “Grinder” – it depends new visitors to Singletrackworld would know what it means!

In the “Reviews” section you will find bike tests, group tests, components, clothing, accessories, even some non-MTB stuff that we think you’ll be interested in. 


Please go and have a looksee and let us know wht you think:

Comments (9)

    Well, aside from your distributor wrong (Hotlines don’t import them anymore, Balfa do) and year info (2007) being missing from the Foes FXR review it needs a little proof reading first 😉

    Nice idea though.

    Oops. And there’s me saying about proof reading then I miss out 2 words myself. D’oh! That should have read “Well, aside from your distributor info being wrong…”

    Ahh, but the joy of the digital world – and the interactivity that the readers have with us at the mag means that it’s already been updated with the correct info. We’ve started with a mix of archive reviews and recent additions, expect newer stuff up as we get going.

    Brilliant. I always thought the Grinder should go on further. Is there a system for referencing?
    BTW really enjoyed the last edition, real tales from the edge stuff in a psych/motivational way opposed to the real wilderness (although that featured too).
    Proof reading… this is singletrack we’re talking about.

    Looking good-keep those reviews coming :o)


    As long as it’s kept in the spirit of the mag. Those reviews over at Bikeradar are as dull as dishwater!!!

    Oh no, I’m going to have to have a whinge sorry!!!
    I just looked at the waterproof jacket review and, not that I need one, but out of 10 jackets there is not one womens specific one 🙁

    In the review of the Lifesystems Thermal bag, it quotes the weight as 85g. Looking at the Lifesystems site, the weight is 290g … or is there a new product not yet widely available?

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