10 Beginner Snowboard Skills With SnowboardProCamp

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So you have decided to give snowboarding a try and you are either looking to fill the time before you get your first lesson or you are just going to head to the slopes and make it up as you go along. Well the latter is really a bad idea, but whichever option you are planning to go for there are some basic concepts you should commit to memory before you set foot on a board or piste.
We’ve teamed up with Kevin Pearce of the Youtube channel Snowboard Pro Camp to bring you some top tips to help you get started. In this video he runs you through some of the absolute basics that you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with if you’ve had a snowboard lesson. Like so many new skills a lot of what you need to do is in your mind and seeing Kevin demonstrate each skill, breaking it down to its fundamental level is a great way to prepare and get started.

Kevin has been riding boards for most of his adult life and has served his time as a snowboard instructor, so he really knows what he’s talking about.
You can get more beginner tips on riding and buying over on the Snowboard Pro Camp Youtube channel. Kevin is prolific and posts videos daily, even through the summer season.