Match Your Gravel Bike To Your… Lamborghini?

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For the corners of the world unaffected by the cost of living or fuel prices, there’s a new bike/car pairing specially for you. If you’re in Miami at the Miami Art Basel art fair (perhaps choosing some pictures to put on the wall of your third or fourth home?), then you can see this pairing for yourself. For the rest of us mortals, we have the internet to reveal how the other 1% lives.

Apparently this Lamborghini can go on gravel too, or at least ‘where the asphalt runs out’. Handy for getting up to your mountain hideaway, perhaps? Ideal for the Bond villain?

Here’s the press release:

3T and Automobili Lamborghini have chosen Miami Art Basel to present a new special performance gravel bike, the Exploro Racemax X Huracán Sterrato, created in collaboration between the two brands, to celebrate the Made in Italy, design and passion for innovation.

The collaboration was inspired by the design of the new Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato, the first super sports car delivering maximum driving pleasure even when the asphalt runs out…

That same DNA distinguishes the Exploro Racemax, 3T’s flagship bike designed to be equally capable on and off-road. Founded in 1961, 3T is a thought leader in all-road and gravel bikes. It stands out not only for its innovative bikes but also its full-scale R&D and production facility near Bergamo, Italy.

Together, Lamborghini and 3T want to reinterpret the concept of performance linked to exploration.

Gerard Vroomen, Head of Design at 3T, explains: “Together we celebrate Made in Italy by introducing an exclusive performance gravel bike, using high-end materials and 3T components based on the Huracán Sterrato design”.

“Like Lamborghini super sports cars, the use of carbon fiber and lightweight materials is predominant. The Racemax frame, which is the beating at heart of the bike, is crafted in-house in Italy using 3T’s own carbon fiber technology. The 3T Torno®, the world’s lightest aero crank, is also made in-house using the same materials. Inspired by Lamborghini, titanium and aerospace-grade alloys and steel are also present on the bike parts and details.”

And here is the sound you can make in your head while driving your Vauxhall Zafira to your kids’ swimming lessons/the tip/the supermarket.

A Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato will cost you about £226,450. The 3T gravel bike to go with it is a mere £13,000. No, you don’t get a dropper post for that.

While you’re here…

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  • Match Your Gravel Bike To Your… Lamborghini?
  • rOcKeTdOg
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    1816 bikes have done better than that, I’m sure the owner embargoed it though

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    Very nice. I see the bike comes in 4 sizes… does that mean they expecting to sell more than 1 ?

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    £13k & no dropper???

    I’m out……

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    Looks like Lamborghini getting press releases in cycling press and 3t getting press release images in motoring press.

    Business/ marketing as usual?

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    Damn, they don’t do it in my size!

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    What’s with the little lights on the front of the car? They look from Aliexpress.

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    A lambo with roof rails and superfluous lights, that’s how you know it rugged and off-roady. doesn’t say if they chuck in a (colour matched) bike carrier or not?

    Whoever it was complaining about those “**** the Torys” top caps the other day; I expect this is the ideal wealth gap illustrative counter point. 28 quid on a posh engraved circle Vs 1/4 million on an ego-chariot and matching ****-mobile… Bargain 😉

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    Makes the 911 Dakar look like a bargain at £173k. If only Porsche would make a matching bike …

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    where is that gear range designed for? i think someone forgot to fit a front mech

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    where is that gear range designed for?


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    Zwift, more likely.

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    Love the link suggestion right after: While you’re here… How to buy a second mountain bike : -)

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