East Anglian Way is a 500km bikepacking non-event

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What is The East Anglian Way? It’s a route around East Anglia (funny that) that takes in some Napoleonic forts, castles and cathedrals.

Basically loads of back country roads filled with history.

Small foot ferries transport you across the water and deep into four different counties.

The 500km route promises plenty of big views, gravel paths and bridleways long since forgotten by most folk.

Fuel Your Adventure – with support from Restrap, Schwalbe, Komoot and Veloforte – have been able to organise the route in such a way that anyone can take part.



The ‘non-event event’ is open to anyone from Friday 24th june to Saturday 18th September.

You can join the route, start where you want along the way and so long as your GPX file roughly matches ours, and the route is done in one go, your efforts will be entered into the various post-competitions.

Fuel Your Adventures: “We wanted to give people the chance to ride the route how they wanted to. Whether you want to aim for an FKT or spend a week riding around and taking it all in, it is up to you.”

The competitions

Throughout the ride dates the ‘judges’ will be keeping a careful eye out for competitors who will have to photograph selected locations to verify they have completed the route.

“While we will select some of those to use on Instagram and various outlets working with Restrap and Schwalbe we will choose the most epic fail, greatest accomplishment and other interesting aspects for those expressing themselves along the way.. We want to make sure everyone is in with a chance of winning something to go along with their patch for putting in a good effort.”


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